Corners of the Heart

The glance between two people can communicate plans for the future or a budding romance. It’s a beautiful thing to witness or to be a part of.

Corners of the Heart

If I sum up what I believe it’s like being a woman entrepreneur, two words come to mind:  Sacrifice and Suffering.

Corners of the Heart

Hearing from the heart of another is beyond inspiring. Each person's thoughts take us down a journey of discovery and bring to life the story that lies within our own heart. The Christmas Season is immersed with different perspectives and holds special significance to each person individually. Following are four such different, yet deeply moving, thoughts. 

Corners of the Heart

Inside each of us lies a story—one that holds the ability to have an effect on the lives we touch each day. Through the years, I have learned the effect that sharing your story has on others, but more importantly, the gift you receive in becoming a story listener.  

Chris Kelly

There are big shoes to fill when it comes to providing a new president and CEO of Ebby Halliday Companies, and as of October 2018, the company found the right person. Chris Kelly, a Kansas City native, has many years experience in the real estate world. With the knowledge he brings from all perspectives of the business, he is looking forward…

A Day at the Beach

As the water calmly brushed up against the coastline, Leticia Herrera bent over to pick up one of the many broken seashells that were enveloped into the sand below her. Each one had its own unique quality, much like Leticia's artwork does. Among all these broken shells laid one perfect seashell, found by her son-in-law. Once in his hand, the…

Resolution Reads

1. Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead by Brené Brown

Parting Thoughts

We tried to be a good Mayor and Council this year so I am hoping you have us on the “Nice” side of your ledger.  Because you have a large number of people to track, here is a reminder of everything we accomplished this year.

Mayor’s Musings

November is the official month for giving thanks.  We should be thankful every month for all our bountiful blessings.

Mayor’s Musings

 Article Jeff Cheney | Photography Brandon Frakes  Frisco is the fastest growing city in America topping that list for many years. We are small-town friendly with big city amenities. However, this impressive statistic and compliment to our community has a massive ripple effect. Consider the impact of 36 people moving to Frisco every day. It's a challenge to keep up…