Parting Thoughts

We tried to be a good Mayor and Council this year so I am hoping you have us on the “Nice” side of your ledger.  Because you have a large number of people to track, here is a reminder of everything we accomplished this year.

Mayor’s Musings

November is the official month for giving thanks.  We should be thankful every month for all our bountiful blessings.

Mayor’s Musings

 Article Jeff Cheney | Photography Brandon Frakes  Frisco is the fastest growing city in America topping that list for many years. We are small-town friendly with big city amenities. However, this impressive statistic and compliment to our community has a massive ripple effect. Consider the impact of 36 people moving to Frisco every day. It's a challenge to keep up…

Mayor’s Musings

 Article and Photography Kristi Anderson  If you were Mayor for the day, how would you address transportation in Frisco? It is easy for us to point out the problems with traffic lights not working to our satisfaction or lane closures causing added difficulties, but my question is, how would you solve our mobility challenges? Would you widen all major thoroughfares? Would you consider…

Mayor’s Turn

 Article Mayor Jeff Cheney | Photography Brandon Frakes  For nonprofits, it provides another avenue to reach new volunteers and donors at zero cost to them. Frisco is great not because of our professional sports teams or talented artists. Frisco is great because we care about one other.    Since I have been Frisco’s Mayor for over a year, I have…

UNT Campus Heading to Frisco

 Article Mayor Jeff Cheney | Photography Brandon Frakes    When talking with executives who are considering a corporate relocation, I have learned there is consistently one concern. Do you have a 4-year college to train and prepare my workforce? In the past, companies were looking for a quality school district and adequate housing. But now, the corporate landscape is quickly changing and…

Celebrating Women

 Article Mayor Jeff Cheney | Photography Brandon Frakes  Growing up with my mom, grandma and three sisters, my dad and I were outnumbered. When I practiced my pitching, my mom would catch for me for hours at a time. My grandma would kill snakes in her backyard. I was surrounded by strong, tenacious and loving women. I learned even though they all…

Mayor’s Turn

When people think of communities who are environmentally conscious, what comes to mind?  Do you think of cities in California, or western states or even Austin?  Most people would not initially think of Frisco as a city who has a strong track record of protecting our environment.  This is one of the surprising attributes of Frisco.  We are committed to…

Homemade Peanut Butter Pumpkin Dog Biscuits

If your dog has a wheat sensitivity, you can switch out the flour to an oat, rice or coconut flour. The consistency may just be a little different.

How to Lower Your Property Taxes

There is probably not another city in Texas who has seen such rapidly increasing property values as Frisco – and rapidly growing taxes with it. We were among the first to get hit with what is now sweeping almost every city in Texas.