Mayor’s Turn

November is a month when we begin to think about the holidays. The weather is getting cooler and we’re deep into football season. We are naturally thinking towards Thanksgiving and family. However, there’s a special day before Thanksgiving that I am hoping will get some extra attention this year in Frisco. November 11th is Veterans Day.

Mayor’s Turn

September 29 marked the 100th Day of my plan for Frisco. My commitment to you in these 100 Days was presented to you in nine planks at the Frisco Chamber’s State of the City Address. We are happy to announce our success in all our initiatives. Accomplishing all of this at breakneck speed was important for me to demonstrate my…

Mayor’s Turn

I knew when I was running for Mayor one of greatest areas where I wanted to make significant change was in how we communicate. When I was talking with thousands of Frisconians, one of the biggest complaints was lack of transparency.

Mayor Cheney’s Turn

Communication Strategy, Manage Growth, Rejuvenate Downtown, Focus on Arts, Expand Economic Development, Valuing Veterans, Get Moving Again, Tax Relief, Frisco’s Legacy. During my campaign for Mayor, I spoke with thousands of residents. You told me what you loved about Frisco and what you see as the challenges we face as a community. In return, I made some big commitments to…

Summer Trends

As a professional makeup artist, I get asked regularly if I offer classes or makeup lessons for my clients. With the surge of YouTube tutorials, it has never been easier to be your own makeup artist. Getting the tricks of the trade are as simple as a Google search and you are outfitted with step-by-step instructions to recreate any given…

Men’s Watches

Men may not have quite as many accessories as women, but one accessory they don't like to leave home without is their watch. Men's watches can make great statement pieces and this year the statement is, the bigger, the better. Large faced watches are what are trending now in men's fashion. They can come in various colors, styles and shapes.…


Who drives us to be the best we can be? Who is that little voice in our heads anytime we go to make a life decision? And most importantly, who showed us how to love, and how to be loved by others? One word comes to mind: Mom. Remember to give appreciation this Mother's Day to that special woman in…

Can I Have Your Attention?

You can shower your special Valentine this year with gifts that are store bought like the ones that go away in a mere few days (flowers and candy), but if we really think about it, the best gift we can give our sweethearts is the gift of our attention.

Reveal the 
Power of YOU

What an awesome gift we have wrapped up in every new year. Another chance for a fresh start. While we can’t erase what happened last year, we CAN redirect. Chaos proceeds great change - it's like a tornado propelling you forward. So if 2016 sent you into a tailspin, take a deep breath and let’s REVEAL THE POWER OF YOU.

Sharing The Joy of Christmas

In this wonderful time of year, there is so much joy in celebrating Christ: His birthday, his life, his mission on earth to accomplish our salvation. We are celebrating the best news the world has ever heard—our Savior is born!