UP Inspired Kitchen

UP Inspired Kitchen is a chef-driven, fast-casual restaurant and coffee bar serving breakfast, brunch and lunch daily with a people-first, personalized approach to gratitude-led lives.

A Little Night Music

Karen knew at a young age that she had a passion for the spotlight. She began with singing and dancing onstage through her high school years. Once she started college, she found her niche to be that of acting.

Dora Moss

The days of the traditional guest room can be a distant memory when purchasing a state-of-the-art murphy bed from Dora Moss. The store offers horizontal, vertical and custom-designed beds, so you can easily make your guest room a small retreat. Dora Moss stands apart from its competitors by providing children’s bed options. These include custom-made regular murphy beds and bunk beds…

The Decor Goes Where You Go

When decorating a new home, many homeowners believe it would be easy and inexpensive to design it themselves because who knows your style better than you, right? Christine Beck, senior designer and creator at Beck Interior Design, disagrees.

John Keating

 Article Kristi Anderson  Veteran John Keating was just re-elected this year in our Frisco City Council. Along with his business knowledge, he also has leadership skills, discipline and problem solving methods he gained from his thirteen years in the Army.  K.A.: What did being in the Army mean to you?