Going Green

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of nature springing to life after a long winter’s nap. Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and children are playing outside as the weather gets warmer and the days grow longer. This month at Frisco Life, we bring you our Eco issue in honor of Earth Day on April … Continued

Home Sweet Home

“Home is where the heart is.” It’s a common phrase meaning that our homes are a central place in our lives—where we rest our heads, nourish our bodies and make fond memories with loved ones. It’s the epicenter of our worlds, where we start and end each day, and where we keep our most prized … Continued

Curating Creativity

February—it’s the shortest month of the year, but there’s definitely no shortage of exciting things happening here in Frisco. When thinking of ideas for our Arts + Makers issue, we were inspired by the talented local creatives who beautify our community with their work. Whether it’s local theater performances, the Frisco arts scene or handmade … Continued

Bring on the New Year

January marks the beginning of not only a new calendar year but also the opportunity for setting personal goals. Perhaps you’ve resolved to exercise more regularly, take up a new hobby or volunteer at the local animal shelter. Whatever your goals may be, we hope the people, places, recipes and tips and tricks in this … Continued

It’s that most wonderful time of the year

Your first memories of Christmas are the anticipation of Santa Claus coming to visit. It’s about the time with family, the turkey dinner and most importantly, the GI Joe with the Kung Fu grip. (Okay, your mileage may vary.) When you have your own family, it’s about seeing that look of surprise on your child’s … Continued

I’m More Stuffed Than The Turkey

Ah Thanksgiving. Coming right on the heels of our October “Foodie” issue and the Texas State Fair. To paraphrase the movie “Jaws,” I’m going to need a bigger belt. Still, worth it. This month we take a look around town at all that’s going on in November, and we take some time out to thank … Continued

Well Now I’m Starving

Working on this issue was hard on the deadlines and harder on my waistline. From the hops at our hometown microbrewery to the Big Tex Choice Awards feature food samples, and from the nights at Ocean Prime and Savor Gastropub to a heaping helping of Babe’s Chicken, it was a contest between desire and temperance. … Continued

Frisco Steps Out in Style

We’ve all had that moment when our closet is full but we can’t find a thing to wear. Whether it’s too big, too small, or just plain last season, it can be difficult to find the perfect thing to put on. It’s no wonder, too. Our style is the first thing the rest of the … Continued

We Love Our Pets

There is nothing like walking in the door after a long day and being greeted by our loving fur-babies. What is the best memory you have with your pet(s)? How involved are they in your everyday life? Pets are an extension of our families. They bring joy, laughter, and selfless companionship. In this edition we learn … Continued

Summertime in Frisco

And just like that, July is upon us. The Texas heat, the summer parties and spending more time outdoors with friends and family can be seen all around our city.  Speaking of spending time outdoors, in this edition, we feature some of our city’s best patio spaces to enjoy your favorite foods, sip your cocktails of … Continued