Technical V. Creative Artist

One local artist lives with the classic left brain/right brain constant challenge for dominance, but he likes it that way. 

The Road to Rich’s

Talking Competition, Family and Life with a CrossFit Legend Article Nicolette Martin | Photography Paul Versluis About 80 miles east of Nashville, among the winding roads of Putnam County, Tennessee, between a brick house and an old red barn, there’s a gravel road. It’s easy to miss in the expanse of rolling hills that, in … Continued

Game On

Have Some Outdoor Fun this Summer with Lawn Games Perfect for any Get-Together, then Cool Off with a Couple Sweet Treats. Article Nicolette Martin Mölkky Throwing Game Dick’s Sporting Goods, $29.99 Playing Mölkky: In this Finnish throwing game, use a wooden pin (mölkky) to knock over wooden pins (skittles). Be the first to reach exactly 50 points to win! … Continued


I try to think of my life in chapters because there’s a sense of growth and momentum toward the future, giving permission to different periods of my life so that they may have a beginning and an end. Not every chapter is as perfect, or as profound, or as difficult as the chapter before or after, but they transition into…