2019 Holiday Pet Wish List

If four-legged friends also are on this year's holiday list, there are a number of trending items for pet gifts to consider, such as:  

Looking for Perfect Gifts?

When seeking an online boutique that delivers trendy, personalized gift boxes for any occasion (hint: looming holiday season), check out the options of Perfectly Gifted Frisco. And a bonus is that the gifts are perfectly customizable. 

Teen Gifts Needed

While community holiday gift drives typically yield an abundant number of toys for young children, Boys and Girls Clubs of Collin County staffers in Frisco say they are desperate for appropriate donated items for tweens and teenagers. 

One-of-a-Kind Murphy Beds

Sometimes called fold-down or pull-down beds, the unique Murphy designs of Dora Moss Beds, LLC often are instead called armoires and cabinets due to their classy, clever overall executions. 

Shelter Comes in Many Forms

Having dependable shelter of various kinds is one of life's vital components. Employees of Frisco-based Elevated Roofing company have the privilege to witness the joy of providing shelter to others, both physically and spiritually, every day.

Holiday Memories

Every fourth Thursday in November—now going on 78 years—I have celebrated Thanksgiving Day.

Granbury Cabins Retreat

For those with fresh air, relaxation and time away from electronic devices at the top of to-do lists this fall, a cozy boutique retreat awaits with convenient access from Frisco and the broader DFW area. Going off the grid is easy at The Granbury Cabins at Windy Ridge, a wooded, 10-acre property with private cabins and peaceful, getaway spots. 

Always a Gentleman

adam aleksander is a luxury men's fashion brand applying top craftsmanship principles. Located at The Star in Frisco, founder and creative director Bashar Alhuneidi says his company's international artisans use only the finest fabrics, leathers and materials to construct custom dress-wear, smart casual fashion, shoes and accessories of exceptional quality, fit and style.

Artisan Sushi

Providing guests with exquisite dining experiences that intertwine all five human senses is the goal of David Seo, sushi chef and owner of Shumi Omakase restaurant. 

A MINT Revolution

For many parents, weekdays are carefully orchestrated chaos, often spent in transit—dropping off kiddos, picking up kiddos, going to this activity and that appointment, dashing to the nearest store for a forgotten item, then racing through the rest of the day’s malarkey—just to get up the next day and do it all over again.