Fettuccine Alla Fiamma

If you prefer dinner and a show, order the Fettuccine Alla Fiamma at Frisco's Da Mario. It's easily one of the most popular dishes at the young, lively spot that has splashes of old Italy in a modern, relaxed atmosphere. In one part of the restaurant, you can watch a team member make the pasta by hand. That's where the first ingredient in Fettuccine Alla Fiamma comes from: hard-working…

More than just Pearly Whites

Getting a stunning smile that brightens up your face is possible, but it has to be a priority. The dentists at Plush Dentistry in Frisco are on a mission to change the way you think about your teeth because they believe oral health is a mindset, not an afterthought. Dr. Ali and Dr. Kraipak use the best dental materials, products and equipment, with facility amenities tailored to distract you from any dentist fears you may…

David Gaschen

Out of all the places David Gaschen has traveled and lived, he is proud to call Frisco his home. He’s been the lead role in Andrew Lloyd Weber’s The Phantom of the Opera starting at the age of 26, making him the youngest to play the Phantom in the musical’s history. Since then, he’s made and produced CDs, holds concerts, and…

A Day at the Beach

As the water calmly brushed up against the coastline, Leticia Herrera bent over to pick up one of the many broken seashells that were enveloped into the sand below her. Each one had its own unique quality, much like Leticia's artwork does. Among all these broken shells laid one perfect seashell, found by her son-in-law. Once in his hand, the…

A Fresh Start

January is the month of new beginnings: new perspectives, new resolutions and, oftentimes, new diets. Luckily, Nékter Juice Bar in Flower Mound is helping individuals accomplish their resolutions in the tastiest way possible.

Christmas Gifts Outside the Box

Christmas is almost here and now is the time to think about that perfect ggift for your loved ones and family. But brainstorming exactly what that gift would be is always the hardest part. Never fear! Here are some high-end and creative options that Santa will definitely green light.

A Profile in Service

They may shy from the label “power couple” but the Medinas definitely are at the forefront of public and community service in Frisco. 

Get Away To Winter Park

The 2018/19 winter season at Winter Park Resort promises to be a watershed moment in the history of the resort as well as the surrounding community with a host of exciting changes taking place. 

The Stars are Rising in Frisco

There’s a lot of things you think of when you think of Frisco but the local music scene isn’t probably one of them.

Thankfully They Are There

Thanksgiving is, at its core, a celebration of the tenacity and bravery of the first European colonists who came to the New World to forge a new life in the untamed wilds of North America.