What do you think of when the New Year rolls around? The first thing that comes to my mind is New Year’s Resolutions. Even though I’ve never been one to write them down, make them or follow them through the year. That’s still the first thing that comes to my mind when January 1st arrives. As much as it’s hard to believe another year has past, it has, and here we are entering into 2020.  

Our goal for Frisco Life was to start this new year out in an outstanding way. Making an impact on the community of Frisco through inspiring content, surprising feature stories, as well as introducing you to many exciting upcoming events and happenings throughout the community. 

We’re honored to have Drew Pearson, Dallas Cowboys #88, highlighted in our Health and Wellness Issue. You’ll be inspired by his mental toughness, overall tenacity and catchy passion. Also, you’ll be moved by the story of how local artist Desmond Blair not only overcame his physical challenge of being born without hands, but went on to become such a talented drawer and painter. We’re also delighted to highlight one of our partnering advertisers, Olympic Exteriors, who are as on top of community needs as they are our roofs. Teamwork seems to be a great way to start the year, and an article about our very own Texas Legends demonstrates how their mission is much larger than a sports game. We’re also excited to bring you another uplifting Corners Of The Heart.

I’m intrigued by the meaning of 2020. Perfect Vision and Huge Potential. Here we are at year 2020. We have the opportunity to start this year out with an attitude of full potential and seeing things ahead with clear vision. It’s like we get to hit the reset button and focus clearly on what lies ahead. Using our gifts and talents to accomplish our goals. It’s time to live your life with optimism and enthusiasm. Let 2020 be an inspiring reminder to push your life forward.

Frisco Life wishes you and yours a Happy New Year!!! 

Let’s make it a great start.