Our November Issue was already in full swing to be printed when the devastating tornadoes hit the DFW area in October. I didn’t want to let this issue pass without recognizing those who were affected by this horrific event. Several of our outstanding advertisers were quick to lend a helping hand the day after the storms hit, and we are proud to partner with so many amazing people. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who lost their homes, their businesses and suffered much due to the effects these storms had on their neighborhoods and communities.

The Holiday Season is here, again, and it seems as though we are always surprised by how quickly it arrives. This time of the year brings with it colder weather, excitement of Christmas Day, holiday parties, baking all our yummy favorites and the chance to load up the car and head to grandma and grandpa’s house. It definitely is a joyous time of the year! 

Frisco has many opportunities to enjoy this holiday season, and also many ways in which we can give to those less fortunate. In this Issue of Frisco Life, you will find creative gift giving ideas from Perfectly Gifted Frisco, budget ideas for end-of-year savings and spending, as well as learn how The Boys and Girls Clubs of Collin County is growing outstanding programs to help our youth locally. 

Winter is a great time to enjoy the warmth of our homes. Bundle up in front of the warm fireplaces. Pull out all our favorite holiday movies. Anticipate the sounds, smells and sights of Christmas. This season is not easy for everyone. I have compassion for those who find themselves feeling sad during this time of the year. Let’s always remember to embrace those around us with love. Give hugs out to warm a heart. Be kind and considerate to where each person is on their journey. Inside this holiday season time of the year, take time to slow down and cherish what you’ve been given. 

Frisco Life wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Thank you for being part of making Frisco a wonderful place to live.