Simply Put...Thankful

Thankful is the attitude of being happy for what we’ve received, a spirit of gratitude and appreciation.  

This month’s Issue of Frisco Life is our Thankful issue. To us, this means to be in a posture of recognizing the things we’ve been given—and not just possessions of material gratification. On a much deeper level, it’s simply living inside this one powerful word of gratitude.

As we pay homage to the month of November and celebrate a time of Thanksgiving, we’ve brought this spirit of giving into the pages of Frisco Life. Elevated Roofing exemplifies this outpouring of gratitude through everything they represent through their company. You’ll be uplifted by their story of pouring out so others can be blessed. 

We couldn’t let this month pass us by without remembering times past. Dr. Boris Materne takes us back to yesteryears with his outstanding story of a journey looking back into the yummy delights of pie making and a celebration of Thanksgiving.

Also included in this Thankful issue are men’s fashion trends, a close and cozy getaway and a surprising new inspirational page titled “Corners of the Heart.”

It’s fall, and it’s time to grab a blanket, cozy up to the fireplace and take a break as you enjoy the stories and delights that Frisco Life has to offer. Thank you to all our wonderful advertising partners, our contributors and our amazing Frisco Life team for bringing us another wonderful Issue of Frisco Life magazine. 

I look forward to celebrating the holiday season with you, Frisco. See you around town!