Murphy Beds and Home Decor

The days of the traditional guest room can be a distant memory when purchasing a state-of-the-art murphy bed from Dora Moss. The store offers horizontal, vertical and custom-designed beds, so you can easily make your guest room a small retreat. Dora Moss stands apart from its competitors by providing children’s bed options. These include custom-made regular murphy beds and bunk beds for the larger families. This family-owned and operated company has locations throughout Texas and recently opened a store in Frisco at 8008 TX-121.

The company name originated from owner Leroy Henry’s grandmother, Dora Moss; she is now 97 and ever since then, this company has remained a family-owned company. His father was always in the construction field, and he ended up following in his footsteps. He worked with residential construction on remodels and has experience building custom furniture pieces that fit in any space of a home. He knew he wanted to stay within the build and design space. The family later opened Dora Moss in Midland, Texas. Slowly the family opened several more stores across Texas, including here in Frisco. Leroy’s daughter and son-in-law run the Frisco store. Leroy often makes visits to each Texas store location, including Frisco. They also have other locations including Midland, Odessa and Plano, Texas.

Dora Moss goes above and beyond with its bed quality and styles. Leroy says the murphy beds consumers find in traditional retail furniture stores tend to offer customers function, whereas Dora Moss beds are built with design in mind. They fit well in any room of the house and will mix in with the room and home decor. Their inventory pieces fit well in any type of home, including luxury homes. They offer both vertical and horizontal beds that are all custom-measured and built to fit into any space. They even offer selections for children’s rooms, such as the Playhouse murphy bed. They can even work in conjunction with interior designers with any themes homeowners implement throughout the bedroom spaces. Their beds are made from quality materials and are built to last for decades to come. 

Leroy recently became a grandparent and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. In his free time, you can find him enjoying concerts and music festivals around the city. He has attended several Grammy Award shows in Los Angeles and can be found playing guitar in his spare time. 

Murphy beds offer homeowners the ability to create more space in any room, while still offering comfortable sleeping solutions. They can turn a regular guest room into a multi-functional space. Instead of a queen-sized bed being placed in the middle of a room, murphy beds allow room for other furniture pieces such as couches and chairs for a comfortable sitting area.

For more information, visit, or stop by and say hello. Your custom murphy bed awaits!