Destiny Adams 

Destiny Adams has been an active Frisco native since 2003. Her mother, who served for our country in the military as well as within the Frisco area as a teacher, modeled hard work and determination to Destiny. At a young age, Destiny has already made a name for herself in this community with her successful business, InCast Marketing. 

What made you get involved in the event staffing field? 

After competing and winning in a DECA competition, I felt that this industry was the best place for me. 

What did the competition consist of? 

We were asked to come up with and design a business plan. I came up with a plan that included creativity and thinking outside the box and placed second in state. 

How did InCast Marketing develop? 

After making many connections within the community, I set out to find solutions for companies that needed assistance in managing events, and I have been able to consistently build my portfolio each year.  

Who are some of your current clients?

I have worked with Sprint, Bumble and the Fantasy Football Convention, just to name a few. As Frisco continues to grow, so does my clientele. 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far? 

You can never follow the path that others want you to take. You are in control of your own destiny and future. 

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Frisco Moms Care

Currently serving 24 families within the community, Frisco Moms Care is a nonprofit group that assists mothers who are in need of any financial or emotional support. This group is run by board members Tabitha Davidson, Ariana Trimmer and Kristen Micheletti. 

How can moms who need assistance reach out for help?

Tabitha Davidson: We have an online application that moms can fill out to see if they qualify within our required guidelines. 

What type of assistance do moms receive?

T.D.: We offer a wide range of support for our moms, including assistance with clothing items, food items, cleaning supplies, personal care items, school supplies, all the way up to helping with medical bills during emergency situations. 

Ariana Trimmer: I will expand on that and say that they are also offered a way to reach out and communicate with other moms on our Facebook Chat page that is designed to be a sense of community and a safe place to turn to. Here they can share their current struggles, ask any questions and receive valuable advice. 

What are some of the current or future plans for the group?

Kristen Micheletti: We have an auction that will be held this July 20–21. We are asking local moms to donate any gift cards or physical items to moms in need. Our goal is to reach $15,000. 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far? 

T.D.: I came from a low-income family and had to pay my way through college and back into financial stability. Seeing how monetary struggles affect children inspired me to give back. 

A.T.: I have learned that you never know what can happen in life, no matter who you are. I have loved having my own children recognize this notion and be able to witness with their own eyes how they can help others. 

K.M.: Being a stay-at-home mom myself, I have learned that my own children are impacted by what we do, day in and day out. It really hit home with me when my 6-year-old son said, “Mom, I’m proud of you.” I want him to realize that there are people who struggle and need assistance. 

To become involved with Frisco Moms Care, visit, join the Facebook group at or follow #ThePowerOfCare.

Nicole Bursey

With decades of social work experience and working within state governments, Nicole Bursey gained knowledge on how to best help families. She decided she wanted to begin working with families directly and became the executive director of Frisco Family Services. Having served in her role for more than eight years, she and the giving team at Frisco Family Services offer a variety of service and assistance to families in need. They have helped raise more than $1.1 million in funding through donations and annual events held throughout the year. 

For those who may not know, talk a little bit about what Frisco Family Services offers for families.

We are an organization that provides hope for families that need guidance and assistance. Our programs and services are ever-changing with creative measures to create solutions for struggling families. This includes helping the homeless, family members coping with job loss, medical expenses and everyday needs. During the holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, we help to distribute food as well as offer a gift assistance program.

How do you keep all of these programs and events organized throughout the year?

Each family is assigned a case manager who will meet with the family and create an overall “audit” of sorts—look at their current financial situation, their immediate needs at the time—in order to decipher the best course of action to best provide assistance. We will keep in contact with the family in each case. The case manager will be available for any questions, concerns and logistical issues that arise.

When gathering feedback from the families, what is the general consensus you receive in terms of your organization?

No matter what arena we help families in, be it assistance with placing food on their tables, help with utility bills or even books for their education needs, most all will claim that our assistance helps them be able to continue to be contributing members of society, which helps to keep their sense of dignity. For instance, if we help with providing groceries one month, families are able to pay their other bills in full such as a mortgage. 

Are there any upcoming events that the community could get involved in?

Our annual Mayor’s Golf Classic is being held on June 17 at the Stonebriar Country Club. All the proceeds will go toward the programs and services we provide. We currently help more than 3,447 individuals. Citizens can visit our website for sponsorship opportunities. 

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to others?

My mantra has always been “Do things for the right reasons.” When you practice this, the right things will always end up happening.

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