Beck Interior Design Promises Decor that Embodies You Today and Five Years from Now

When decorating a new home, many homeowners believe it would be easy and inexpensive to design it themselves because who knows your style better than you, right? Christine Beck, senior designer and creator at Beck Interior Design, disagrees.

According to Christine, many homeowners she speaks with struggle to bring the look they want to fruition. She says the problem with homeowners wanting to decorate their own home is that they focus too much on one piece they really love while struggling to bring a whole room together. That’s where interior designers come to the rescue. The team at Beck Interior Design is all about the bigger picture. They focus on the house, and they know how to make separate pieces work together.

The photos featured are from a homeowner Christine first helped about five years ago. The client really gave Christine and her team the freedom to do whatever they wanted to her home. She trusted them to create a new look that she would love for years to come. And she says Beck Interior Design delivered on that promise.

Christine was inspired to help her client find a mix of traditional and modern, a look otherwise known as transitional. The transitional look of this decor is a happy medium between warm and cozy and sleek and cleaner lines.

Beck Interior Design created a cohesive master plan so that when her client moved into a new home five years later, all the pieces came together like puzzle pieces in the new home. Look at the after photos showing the same furniture but in a new house. The items were easily moved from one room to another and they still all came together.

You may have noticed many hues of blue in the look. Christine says she focuses on colors that are classic, tried-and-true and—most of all—not trendy. The design team focused on colors, styles and fabric the client would love for years to come.

Hiring an interior designer is beneficial to ensuring you have functional furniture and decor that is the embodiment of you. Beck Interior Design figures out what the homeowner wants by listening to what they say and noticing what they don’t say. Christine and her team get a feel for the home, as every house has its own energy. They help the client set a budget, and then they do their magic.

All the furniture used was from Beck Interior Design’s retail store, Decor to Your Door, 1101 Shoal Creek, #120 in Highland Village.