A Feast for the Eyes—and a Treat for Your Old Italian Soul

If you prefer dinner and a show, order the Fettuccine Alla Fiamma at Frisco’s Da Mario. It’s easily one of the most popular dishes at the young, lively spot that has splashes of old Italy in a modern, relaxed atmosphere. In one part of the restaurant, you can watch a team member make the pasta by hand. That’s where the first ingredient in Fettuccine Alla Fiamma comes from: hard-working hands. The fettuccine is simply prepared in a thick sauce, garlic, chili flakes and brought out to the table. But here’s where the real fun begins. A shot of vodka gets thrown into a cheese wheel, and voila, you got flames. It’s just enough excitement to make the diners around you tell their waiter they’ll have what you’re having. The pasta is thrown into the wheel, dousing the flames and turning the sauce into a vodka sauce. And the show isn’t over yet. For the grand finale, black truffles are shaved off as garnish. Curtain call. Dinner’s served.

6655 Winning Drive, Suite 605, Frisco

Fettucine Alla Fiamma


Sabintino Carpaccio black truffles

Ambrosi Castenedolo-Italy Parmigiano-Reggiano

Skol vodka

Da Mario handmade fettuccine noodles