A Local Artist’s Inspiration from an Unlikely Source

As the water calmly brushed up against the coastline, Leticia Herrera bent over to pick up one of the many broken seashells that were enveloped into the sand below her. Each one had its own unique quality, much like Leticia’s artwork does. Among all these broken shells laid one perfect seashell, found by her son-in-law. Once in his hand, the remaining fragments in the sand faded away. To Leticia, however, this was a source of inspiration.

“These are a little like how humans are a little bit broken, a little bit old. Nobody wants them anymore. Everyone looks for the outside beauty,” she says.

Immediately, Leticia knew what her next painting would be. 

Leticia is a local artist who throughout her painting career has used various forms of abstract and figurative art. For the last two years, she has focused on creating series of paintings pertaining to a single source of inspiration, something that she feels she can relate to. 

“This inspiration was very deep. I thought about all these people that suffer. More specifically, they’re women,”, she says. “They suffer, they go through really bad stages in their lives. They feel lonely, but they’re beautiful and they’re strong and they’re powerful. It just came to me, one thing to another and another.” 

Using this inspiration, Leticia created a series of paintings titled Broken She’lls with the same message. The same dull, soft color palette is used throughout each piece, allowing the message of her work to be stronger than the visuals. While each individual painting in the series has its own meaning, the series itself shares a common theme: women who may be broken but beautiful, much like the seashells she discovered on that beach.