Give something that will last

Christmas is almost here and now is the time to think about that perfect ggift for your loved ones and family. But brainstorming exactly what that gift would be is always the hardest part. Never fear! Here are some high-end and creative options that Santa will definitely green light.

The Gift of Art

Milessa Murphy Stewart is a prolific Frisco artist whose work takes you away from the mundanity of everyday life and makes you feel happy.

“Too often we don’t have time to daydream and feel the joy of life,” she says, which is why her artwork makes such a perfect gift.

“I think that giving a painting is an extremely good gift. You get to see it all year long. It’s not a fashion statement. It’s not something that will not fit us, or go out of style. You’ve got varied sizes and prices – if you can’t afford one item, you can afford another,” Stewart says. “It’s something that can move you.

It should be the joy of life. Monet painted those gardens because those were his passion.”

She does personal tours of her studio and supports the Frisco Fine Arts Gallery. You can see her work at

The Gift of Home

With Decor to Your Door, you can have expert design services, beautiful furniture, and a wide selection of accessories completely tailored to your unique style. Starting with an in-home consultation where their designers get a true feel for the space, they provide an in-store presentation and finally put all the pieces together in your home. The result is a meticulously designed space that’s authentically you, combining the latest trends and a timeless air.

“It’s a very thoughtful unique and customizable gift,” says Christine Beck. “It puts husband and wife on the same team with a professional eye to guide them to just the right design. Something they can appreciate together.” Go to for information.

The Gift of Time

Since 200-7 the place to shop in Frisco for fine time pieces has been DFW Watches. From classics to virtual investment pieces, they have a wide variety of precision luxury watches, as well as knives and other accessories for the man in your life. Visit