They live it everyday

They may shy from the label “power couple” but the Medinas definitely are at the forefront of public and community service in Frisco. 

Lorie Medina is the Chief of Staff for Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney, where her role is to advise him, drive strategic projects and efforts and produce all the writing and communication for his office.

Her husband, Russ, a native of Maui and a West Point graduate, meanwhile, is the Executive Director for NPower Texas, whose mission is to create pathways to economic prosperity by launching digital careers for young adults, military veterans and veterans’ spouses.

“It’s been a calling for both of us,” Russ says. “We’re best friends and we support each other’s efforts in all we do.”

The two met in Dallas and worked in the telecommunications. They hit it off and, one thing led to another, and they married. They have two daughters, Meredith and Elise, and they’ve called Frisco home since 2004. Collectively they have 5 children and 7 grandchildren. 

Lorie these days is a nationally-recognized grassroots political leader.  She’s a published author, award-winning political organizer, runner-up for Dallas Morning News’ Texan of the Year 2010, has advised countless candidates and elected officials, successful fundraiser and has been the regular co-host on a syndicated radio show.

Russ meanwhile is responsible for leading the programmatic direction and strategic growth agenda for impact and expansion.  This includes engaging and collaborating with Federal, State, Veterans Support Organizations, communities and businesses to support, guide and train veterans and their spouses for jobs in technology.  In the US Army, Russ served in the Infantry as a commander, and was selected by US Special Operations Command to be the career manager for approximately 9.990 officers.

Work doesn’t stop for them at the end of the day.

“We talk shop – we met in telecommunications – and we’ve both worked in the high-tech field,” she says. “Even back then we worked deals together in different companies. So very early on before we got to where we are now, we looked at each other as life partners.”

There’s a secret to that integration of work and life.

“We’re really best friends,” Russ says. “We both have a heart for serving. When Lorie has to get to a meeting, I understand, and she understands vice versa. You see it as joyful. You’re doing something bigger than yourself.”

Lorie says this Christmas season her family is more dedicated to service, because of the blessings they have.

“Those of us who live in Frisco are very blessed. Even though we all have blessings of enjoying Christmas in a wonderful city with our family and friends, we can look to serving others. We have so many non-profits serving the people of Frisco – we can all plug into one of them that you’re passionate about and make a difference,” she says.