November is the official month for giving thanks.  We should be thankful every month for all our bountiful blessings.


The recent national recognition from Money Magazine announcing Frisco is the #1 Best Place to Live is one of those moments. In Money’s research, they started with a list of over 500 cities and compiled thousands of data points to help them bring into focus the list of top cities. Money analyzed a city’s economic health, cost of living, diversity, public education, income, crime, ease of living and amenities. When you consider that, you realize the hundreds, sometimes thousands of people who contributed to achieving each of these benchmarks to win this award.  


Our city’s economic health received strong validation earlier this year when Moody’s upgraded Frisco to Aaa.  One of the reasons listed by Moody’s is “prudent financial practices.” Frisco has one of the lowest effective tax rates in the region and continued our trend this year by increasing the Homestead Exemption to 10%.  


Frisco ISD prepares students for higher education and the future workforce. It is ranked as one of the top school districts in Texas. If you include all our education partners, along with Collin College and the UNT, Frisco has a broad and vibrant spectrum of educational opportunities.


The other four touchpoints are areas where we excel.  Frisco is not only becoming more diverse every day with new residents moving here from all over the world but we are embracing it.  Our Frisco Police Department is rated as one of the best in the country. Finally, we have legitimately earned the name “Sports City U.S.A.” with seven professional sports teams and our new National Soccer Hall of Fame.  


City Council and I are thankful to all the organizations, businesses, and residents who made us #1.