Working on this issue was hard on the deadlines and harder on my waistline. From the hops at our hometown microbrewery to the Big Tex Choice Awards feature food samples, and from the nights at Ocean Prime and Savor Gastropub to a heaping helping of Babe’s Chicken, it was a contest between desire and temperance. (Desire won, for the record.)

Every day came the refrain – well now I’m starving.

But that’s the thing. Moderation is for monks, and food is life. Or life is food. Something like that. There are too may clichés about living to eat or eating to live and quite frankly, after all the samples and hops, the editorial staff is more in the mood for a nap than for cleaning up my prose.

Let me just say this, Frisco: October is going to be a delicious month. Settle in and take a bite.




Trey Garrison, Editor