Controlled Growth

Within 70 square miles, our residents can experience cattle grazing, some of the top restaurants and entertainment in Texas, and enjoy thoughtfully laid-out neighborhood parks.

So will Frisco change as the development of our city is moving north to our 380 border? With the recent announcement of the sale of the Fields Estate to Hunt Realty, we thankfully have assurances of the future development of Frisco. The Fields family owned the 2,544 acres since the 1950s and has used it for ranch land. When Bert Fields Jr. passed away in 2015, he had no heirs and the estate decided to sell the land. Most properties of this size and value would be split into multiple tracts and parceled off to the highest bidders with little concern for the future of the land.

I am heartened on the announcement of the sale. The Hunt family is a trusted name and has brought other reputable partners to the table to purchase the land in its entirety. One of the internationally-recognized partners is Fehmi Karahan. Hunt chose Fehmi, the Legacy Shops and Legacy West visionary developer, to co-master develop. Hunt and Fehmi both appreciate and are humbled at the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity the Fields estate represents for them. They will design and create something so special that honors and preserves the beauty of this pristine land. The Fields Estate will not be flattened and covered in concrete or even be made into a copy of Legacy West. It will uniquely emphasize the distinctive natural amenities like the rolling hills and creek corridors and connect to the future UNT campus. I am confident our northern development will impress and contribute to our diverse Frisco landscape.

We are asking for your help to name this future development. Please send your ideas to