I met Holly Dool at a special training session about a new natural purification product that could help save people around the world.

But Holly wasn’t there to save lives around the world.  Well, not yet.  She was there to save lives throughout Texas.

In fact, last year alone, she helped to save over 600 lives.

The lives she saved were unwanted, abandoned, abused, and many were sick or injured. They had names like Lola, Max, and Ricco.

You see, the lives Holly saved have four legs.

Holly is the driving force behind a nonprofit animal rescue group called CAMO Rescue (www.CamoRescue.com).  The group rescues dogs from kill shelters across the state of Texas, vets them, and re-homes them to furever homes.

After our training session,  we gathered together to talk about the purification product.  We were excited about the different applications this product could be used to kill bacteria … in our drinking water, our homes, our dog’s bad breath (and ours), and, yes, for businesses, too.

Sometime into our conversation, Holly’s associate indicated to her they needed to step outside for a few moments. 

When they returned, Holly was carrying a small dog.  As she sat down, she gently laid him across her lap. 

His fur was dirty and matted, and his breathing was rapid and shallow.  When you looked into his eyes, you instantly knew his whole, extremely sad story and it didn’t take long to realize, that if these two individuals and their group hadn’t interceded when they did, his story would have tragically ended very soon.

Holly held him close and softly ran her hand across his back to let him know he was safe and loved.

His name is Alfie and, earlier in the day, his life was saved.

Alfie was on death row and about to be euthanize due to the fact that he was old and no one wanted him. 

But now he has a second chance.

His age is somewhere between 12 and 14 years old, and Holly and her associate knew, because of his advanced age, it would be hard to find a loving furever home, but they were already planning their strategy to find the right home for this little guy.

The first steps in his new life … he will be vetted, have dental to remove rotten teeth, cleaned up and loved.  He will then live in a loving and caring foster home until CAMO Rescue finds just the right furever home.

Most of these dogs, like Alfie, come from shelters where they were rarely vaccinated for Parvo, Distemper & Kennel Cough.

They are packed into kennels with 2 to 3 other dogs.  As you can see, the chances of cross-contamination are very high in these shelters. 

Diseases, like distemper, are spread through the air so animal shelters often spray down their kennels with a chlorine spray.

The spray can burn the animal’s paws and, when a dog breaths in the vapors, it can often mimic an upper respiratory infection.

Then, sadly, the shelter’s staff assumes the dog has an infection and to prevent the spread of disease, they euthanize the dog.

That is why Holly attended the training where we met.  She was there to learn more about this product, because it could be very important to CAMO in saving more dogs.

Originally developed by AngelsH2O, this product sounded exactly like she had been looking for … a natural, non-toxic treatment that could safely protect shelter dogs from bacteria and viruses.

Plus, since it has been successfully used to treat mange on people, she is also interested in trying it on the shelter dogs affected by mange.

This product could save many lives both around the world and, in Holly’s world, throughout Texas.

Holly and her team are devoted to saving dogs, like Alfie, and giving them a second chance.

This is Holly Dool’s life, her mission, her passion. 

CAMO Rescue is a nonprofit 501c3 rescue, founded by Holly.  It’s devoted to saving dogs from high kill shelters’ euthanasia lists throughout Texas and surrounding areas.

The group is comprised of volunteers who 

span a range of ages, professions, and experience levels. The commonality among all of the volunteers is they love animals and are devoted to saving the lives of homeless animals by getting them off euthanasia lists and into furever families.

They vet each animal, including spay or neuter.  CAMO is a no-kill rescue, and its priority is to match second chance animals with furever homes.

The group also works within the community to educate the public about the extreme importance of spay, neuter, and vaccination of pets.

Last year, alone, CAMO’s operating expenses were $350,000 with $265,000 of that being vet bills.

CAMO operates on 100% donations. 

You can help save others, just like little Alfie, by donating to this group, CAMO Rescue, today!

To donate . . . https://www.camorescue.com/donate

Alfie and his friends genuinely would like to thank you!

If you would like to learn more about the new natural purification product to kill bacteria in your drinking water, throughout your home, or for your business, farm, or ranch, go to . . . www.jumpnatural.com/TNT

The CAMO team would like to thank you!  Because they can’t do what they do without  YOU …  for donations, volunteering, fostering, and adopting!

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Writer ~ Donna Winegard