Give For Frisco

Since I have been Frisco’s Mayor for over a year, I have observed some challenges and opportunities in our city. One of the biggest surprises was how many nonprofits are headquartered in Frisco and how many serve our community. Before becoming Mayor, I was aware of and knew many of the prominent local charities who have been faithful in providing necessary services to our residents like Frisco Family Services, Girls & Boys Club, and Frisco Education Foundation. I have learned there are so many more than the big ones.

So, I meet with them to learn about their area of concern and the services they provide. They all have a heart for helping others and making this world, and our city, a better place. Many nonprofits ask for my support in various ways. They ask me to support their upcoming events by making videos, promoting through social media and my own weekly communications, speaking at their events and even introducing them to potential donors and volunteers. Even with my nonstop schedule, I am happy to oblige because our nonprofit sector is an extension of the city and provide critical services we cannot.

At the same time, countless adults and students have contacted me over this past year asking how they can give back to Frisco, support our city and demonstrate their gratitude. Getting these types of messages from our residents make me proud to live in a community full of giving people. Unfortunately, I rarely have an easy answer. I would send people here and there to follow up with a multitude of groups or individuals. It is frustrating for me and for the people who want to give to Frisco.

I realized these groups need an easier and more efficient way to connect rather than talking with me. After getting significant feedback from several of our leading nonprofits and receiving their blessing, I began moving forward to create an information website to connect all of our nonprofits. In June at my State of the City Address, I announced my new initiative, Give For Frisco.

This is an online gathering place for all nonprofits who are headquartered in Frisco or who serve Frisco. The website is an efficient way for volunteers and donors to find the right charity which fits their passion. It places all the nonprofits into categories like social services, veterans, animals, health, arts, and children. An individual or corporation who is interested in contributing to charities in Frisco can easily identify a nonprofit which fits their interests. When you want to donate to Mazie’s Mission, for example, you click on the donate button and it takes you directly to their donation page. 

Let me be clear, Give For Frisco is not a middleman with your donation. All donations go directly to the nonprofit of your choice. Give For Frisco website is created and updated monthly by Lifestyle Frisco’s Wendi McGowan-Ellis and Scott Ellis, free of charge for all the nonprofits.

Give For Frisco connects donors and volunteers with nonprofits in one easy website.  It provides an opportunity for me to encourage people to support our city by connecting with one or more of these local charities on Give For Frisco.