We Thank You for Your Service!

Veteran John Keating was just re-elected this year in our Frisco City Council. Along with his business knowledge, he also has leadership skills, discipline and problem solving methods he gained from his thirteen years in the Army.

K.A.: What did being in the Army mean to you?

J.K.: Joining the Army changed everything for me. I was attending community college in California and had no money, no car, and was sharing a small four-bedroom house with three other people. It was 1982, the economy was still a mess and it was tough to find a good part-time job. I remember walking to the fire station to get a block of government cheese, and thinking, this needs to change! I joined the Army that week and never looked back. I learned a lot and was initially assigned to an aviation unit to work on helicopter weapons systems before applying for a security clearance with military intelligence. I served as a counterintelligence agent for nearly ten years and loved it! I was stationed in Korea in 1987, just before the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics; and was deployed to Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. I was assigned to Fort Meade during my final years of service, provided support to the Special Operations Task Force, and traveled to various parts of the world before leaving the Army after thirteen years. I’m proud of my service to my country, and am proud to be serving my community.

K.A.: How have you applied what you learned in the Army with your life today?

J.K.: Military service will definitely shape your character and will provide many defining moments if you apply yourself. We have the finest military in the world, and everyone in it is a volunteer! The first step is willing to be part of something larger than yourself, while not losing your identity in the process. Personal accountability is the foundation of integrity. How do you conduct yourself when no one is looking? Do you take initiative? Do you see the mission through while taking care of those around you? A good leader needs to be a good follower first, and respect is earned along the way. Show people who you are by what you do and how you do it, and how you treat others, not by what you say. Opportunities to excel are all around us. When people thank me for my service, I like to reply back, “You’re worth it!” My hope is to remind them to enjoy their freedom and liberty, and live their life to their fullest potential.

K.A.: What do you feel we all could do more for yourself and your fellow Veterans?

J.K.: Our Veterans want to be included in the community. Most of them are highly educated and have unique skill sets, in addition to receiving some of the best leadership training in the world! They are ready to go to work or volunteer. Our Veterans are proud men and women who never forget their solemn oath to uphold and defend our nation. 

The citizens of Frisco are lucky to have a dedicated Veteran as a city leader and we thank you for your service, John! 

"When people thank me for my service, I reply, “You’re worth it!” My hope is to remind them to enjoy their freedom, and live their life to its fullest potential."

John was elected to Frisco City Council in 2010. He was re-elected in 2013. In 2015, John’s colleagues elected him Mayor Pro Tem, which he was re-elected for this year.