UNT Campus Heading to Frisco 1

When talking with executives who are considering a corporate relocation, I have learned there is consistently one concern. Do you have a 4-year college to train and prepare my workforce? In the past, companies were looking for a quality school district and adequate housing. But now, the corporate landscape is quickly changing and companies want to attract superior talent to compete in the global marketplace. As of May 1st, we have a concrete answer to any relocation prospects. UNT is a 128-year-old institution who is adapting to our 21st century, aggressively pushing to become the best in research and technologies and offers leverage to Frisco in many unanticipated capacities.


UNT is like Frisco, it is all about the people. The leaders of UNT make this university extraordinary and they are becoming Frisco’s competitive advantage. Meet Dr. Neal Smatresk. He is the President of UNT. Neal, as he demands everyone refer to him, is committed to revolutionizing higher education. He believes universities should be nimble to respond to workforce needs. He tears down outdated education boundaries by partnering with the best of the private sector like China’s NetDragon, the Dallas Cowboys, and Toyota. Neal is an education visionary. A charismatic leader attracts exceptional talent. Jennifer Cowley, UNT’s newly-appointed Provost, is breathtakingly brilliant and wants to expand our partnership. She is working directly with Ron Patterson, Frisco EDC President, to create classroom training which follows the direction of our targeted industries. So before Ron attracts the targeted company, Jennifer will have courses to meet the workforce demands. Please meet Lt. Col. Wesley Randall, a US Air Force veteran who served overseas in Southeast Asia and Kosovo. Wesley is the Dean of UNT Frisco. He understands and appreciates the need to train our young people in cutting-edge technologies. Wesley is committed only to victory in his new position over the Frisco campus. He represents the best. Next comes Michael Rondelli. He is a leader in converting research discoveries into useful products for market. Michael, along with Jennifer and Wesley, are committed to making Frisco the entrepreneurial capital of Texas. Inspire Frisco is the organization and will be the infrastructure to bring UNT’s intellectual property to market through Frisco’s entrepreneurs. Michael is working with our Inspire Frisco team to make our city an entrepreneur powerhouse.


Of all our big deals, our partnership with UNT is the one which will generationally change Frisco forever. Welcome, Neal, and your revolutionary team of educators.