Movers & Shakers 3

Men of Frisco

Joe Trahan

Joe Trahan grew up in Houston, Texas and moved into his first broadcasting job with a station in New Orleans. Upon college graduation, and looking into several option markets, he landed with WFAA Channel 8 in the Dallas Ft/Worth market.

You’ve seen Joe Trahan on WFAA Channel 8 during the sports broadcasting segments, (he’s celebrating his fifteenth year this month). You can see Joe often visiting The Dallas Cowboys training facility at The Star to obtain the latest Cowboys news.

Joe minored in Philosophy, he’s an avid golfer, and when he was young his Mom wanted him to become a Catholic priest.


John Keating

John’s always held a leadership role – whether in politics, his noble service of serving in the Army for thirteen years or leading at home as a dad and husband.

He grew up in California but later placed roots here in Frisco. Having remained active in his children’s schools, he gained popularity to be selected on the City Council of Frisco. He is currently running again for re-election as our City Council leader.

John participates in “The Fireball Run” – an automotive racing driving show, his Dodge Challenger has been in three episodes, and his family visits Lake Tahoe each year.


Tony Felker

As the CEO/President of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, Tony has enjoyed watching this city go from infancy to the sprawling city it is today. He said Frisco did not get to where it is today without dedication, and extreme hard work by everyone.

He aspires to see Frisco continue to grow. When asked what he would like to see more of in Frisco, he said building and providing more opportunities for the younger demographic sector to enjoy our city.

Tony, believe it or not only likes to mow the yard barefoot, loves being around the water and he loves animals!


Robert Elliott

Growing up in Texas, Robert got his feet wet in real estate early on. Having faced challenges and long work hours, he eventually saw the rewards of his thirteen years of work. By 2003, he raised capital for both residential and commercial projects.

Robert Elliott Custom Homes is responsible for developing The Corvalla Stonebriar. Be on the lookout for more projects coming to Frisco!

Robert has a desire to seeing people succeed, he considers time spent with his wife and children the most valuable, and when he was 7 years old, a company called his house to ask for Robert’s selling advice.


Mike Witte

Mike grew up in Texas and took his experience he gained with construction jobs, whether it was installing custom swimming pools, being a Project Manager to a commercial construction company, or owning his own construction company to apply in his current business, Elevated Roofing.

Being the CEO since 2012, Mike had to work from the ground up to make his company what it is today, which is one of the most successful roofing companies in DFW.

Some interesting facts about Mike are, he is routine-oriented, he has five kids and twelve grand-kids and is always dedicated to serving God.


Jim Johnson & Paul Basden

Both Jim and Paul, having started down different paths, finally teamed up in 2002 and set roots here in Frisco. They watched the growth of this city flourish alongside their own ministry.

Both family men hold the heart to serve and have nearly twenty years of ministry at Preston Trail Community Church.

Some interesting facts about Jim are, his favorite band is The Beatles, His favorite food is Fish Taco’s and he enjoys completing N.Y. Times crossword puzzles. Paul, is a Baylor football follower, he loves to teach the gospel to non-believers and he hasn’t met a golf course he didn’t enjoy.