The Women of Frisco

The First Lady

Dana Cheney

A prominent DFW Realtor and First Lady to our Mayor Jeff Cheney and as she stated, her most important role, a supportive Mother to her three children.

Dana’s impeccable ability to juggle her work and home life is a testament to her drive. She and Jeff have owned The Cheney Group since 2003.

Some interesting facts about Dana are, she grew up on a Ranch outside of Houston and had a cow named, “Texas.” She has hit a “hole in one” on a golf course and she loves to travel and spend time with her family. 

The Business Owner

Dr. Naira Kraipak

Frisco’s Patient-Centered Dentist at Plush Dentistry. After graduating from The University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry, she would soon after lay her roots down in DFW, most recently, Frisco.

Plush Dentistry is centered around patient comfort and care. With treatment rooms that include several distraction dentistry aspects, including, aromatherapy, massage chairs, noise canceling head phones, big screen TV’s both in front of you and on the ceiling.

Three fun facts about Dr. Kraipak are she became a dentist at the age of twenty-three, she can speak in four different languages and she moved to this country with only two suitcases.

The Restaurateur

Dee Lincoln

Introducing, the “Queen of Steaks”. Upon meeting Dee, you will be instantly welcomed with her southern charm that all began in New Orleans. She moved to Dallas in the early 1980’s and began her career in hospitality.

After spending a number of years with Del Frisco’s, she moved onto her own business venture and placed Dee Lincoln’s on the North Texas map.

Fast forward to 2017, Dee opened Dee Lincoln Prime at The Star! Three interesting facts about Dee – She loves to cook, she she loves to sit by fires and listen to great music while enjoying scotch and cigars. 

The Promoter

Gina Miller

She talks fast, and gets things done even faster. As she states, “My number one goal is to service our fans. I do this by telling the FC Dallas story by means of media outreach including social media, broadcast and publishing.”

Growing up, Gina had a large passion for sports. She later became an award-winning sportscaster with CBS11/TXA21, WFAA-TV in DFW, KCBS/KCAL in Los Angeles, and WBIR-TV in Knoxville.

She’s excited about The National Soccer Hall of Fame opening this Fall.

Gina was the first female Sportscaster in Guam, she can still do the splits, and she has no fear of public speaking.

The Specialist

Heather Tindell

If you build it, Heather will grow your brand. Her background began with TV and modeling. Years later, she molded Hollywood experience into the non-surgical plastic surgery with Dr. Garth Fisher, the celebrity doctor to The Kardashian’s.

Her ability to grow a business was so impressive, she was asked to run clinics in Texas – Southlake, Highland Park, Flower Mound and Frisco. Each center offers, injections, hormone replacement and laser work. Their Hollywood clientele include, Mel Gibson, Dean Cain and Morgan Fairchild.

Heather has nine years of Martial Arts experience, She loves adrenaline and she worked for Fox Sports/NFL in Sports Broadcasting.


Janelle Hail

Janelle and her husband founded National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) in 1991 to provide help for under-served women and to inspire hope through early detection, education, and support services.

As a breast cancer survivor, Janelle embraces the challenges of life with the joy of living. She loves writing, gourmet cooking and photography.

NBCF is a non-profit organization that has an outreach throughout the world. Their headquarters are in Hall Office Park. They connect national and local businesses through their programs, like Navigating Breast Cancer in the Workplace. They are proud to call Frisco home and we are proud to have them!