Mayor’s Musings

When people ask me what is happening in Frisco, usually I get a big smile on my face. We have so many exciting projects and developments happening right now. Some I can tell you about and some are in the works. It is easy for me to spout off updates on all the new exciting parks, the downtown revitalization, progress in arts and our $5B Mile.  However, we know this is all happening because we have not lost our focus on what is the singular determinant for people to invest in Frisco. It is all about the quality of life which begins with a sense of community. Bottomline, the developments come to Frisco because people want to live here. And, it is not an accident. We have a strategic focus not only to set a high standard but also offer a variety of housing and become a full life-cycle community.  

This past year the City of Frisco studied neighborhoods and all the various elements comprising them. We wanted to document what we are doing well and areas that can be improved. Because of our Strategic Neighborhood Plan, our new residential ordinances will ensure truly great communities in the future that will be sustainable for generations.  Now, our neighborhoods are encouraged to include more cul de sacs, curvilinear streets, roundabouts and less block and grid street design. There will be minimum walking distance to the neighborhood parks and will protect natural amenities like terrain and creeks. And, our neighborhoods will create more of an entrance, utilize interesting architecture and elevate home aesthetics, just to name a few. In the past, we relied on developers to deliver great design. Now it is required.

Frisco offers a variety of home options. Jim Newman’s beautiful Newman Village was uniquely designed for a wide variety of design styles and  larger lots. They have earned numerous awards including J.D. Power & Associates and “Community of the Year” by Greater Dallas Home Builders. Total Environment is building America’s first green roof homes. Lawler Park has taken the curvilinear streets and roundabouts to a new level. Park West is currently building retail within their community so it is walkable for their homeowners. Nack Development is creating a small number of town homes to fit the vibe of our historic Rail District. The Corvalla at Stonebriar will be the first “lock and leave” community which caters to those who are seeking a low maintenance urban lifestyle. Phillips Creek Ranch has sweeping open spaces throughout their neighborhood as a nod to its original land owner, the Phillips Ranch. Interestingly, last year Phillips Creeks Ranch was the fastest growing neighborhood according to permit activity.    

The Del Webb development, Frisco Lakes, was our second fastest growing neighborhood last year according to our permit activity. We are seeing a natural migration of active retired seniors moving to Frisco to be near their children and grandchildren. Our goal is to become a full life cycle community. After our kids finish high school here, go away to college, we want them to come back to Frisco. If we build award-winning neighborhoods now, there is the prospect our kids will want to move back to raise their children here.  This is the hope for me and Dana for our three kids. Great homes and neighborhoods are important to me as Mayor and Dad.