Newman Village Home Interior

Some of the most decadent homes in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex are located within the Frisco neighborhoods.There are many options to decorate these homes, be it DIY shopping, or using professional interior designers, such as Traci Connell Interiors. 

Traci Connell is an experienced and quality designer that has decorated homes throughout the DFW area, including Frisco. In fact, in the earlier years of her career, she had a strong presence in Frisco neighborhoods like Starwood, Chapel Creek, and Newman Village just to name a few. Her firm also worked on completing a show house at the Hills of Kingwood. 

In this home nestled in the Frisco neighborhood of Newman Village, Traci created gorgeous results for a married Frisco couple. 

Traci worked with the homeowners from start to completion. She met with the home’s architect, realtor and builder to make sure the home design went hand-in-hand with the construction. The homeowner’s request was for a contemporary home with a little bit of modern-traditional elements added. 

The homeowners visions were met within the home design finishes. One of the homeowners for example requested they have a wine room. The couple spends ample time in places such as Napa Valley, California wine tasting and collecting. They wanted this hobby to be included somewhere in the home. Traci created a detailed and functional wine room. 

Another request was to create a light and airy feeling throughout the home. Traci mentioned that the couple had come from a house with darker color schemes such as dark browns and an Old World design feel. For their Frisco home, they wanted to lighten areas up. Traci Connell Interiors implemented brighter colors to lighten the home. Traci even mentioned they were bold and allowed her to use colors such as Cobalt Blue and Tangerine Orange in certain areas throughout the home.

She designed a true chef’s kitchen for them including and open floor plan into the living space, Quartzite counters, beautiful subway tiling and white cabinetry. 

This is a home that showcases many of the home design trends for 2018. 

I asked Traci some other trending designs homeowners can choose from and she shared with me a few:

Wall coverings – be it tiles, wallpaper or art, this is very popular to place in homes, especially in areas such as Master Bedrooms and Powder rooms. 

Contrast of Black & White in areas such as the Kitchen – implementing black plumbing fixtures, black lighting fixtures and offsetting them with natural wood for the kitchen cabinets.

Family-Friendly spaces – Using Quartz counters as opposed to Marble. Quartz is less likely to have etching, stains, etc. Furnishings that are water repellent in case of spills. 

Whichever home design you want, Traci Connell Interiors will work with each homeowner on their vision and create beautiful results. 

To contact Traci, visit her website at: or call 972.523.6157.