There is probably not another city in Texas who has seen such rapidly increasing property values as Frisco – and rapidly growing taxes with it. We were among the first to get hit with what is now sweeping almost every city in Texas.

You know you are paying more, but you might be surprised to find out why. About half of your property taxes go to schools. But that doesn’t mean Frisco schools have benefited at all from the new tax revenue. In fact, Frisco ISD has absorbed $125 million in cuts in just the last six years!

The main culprit is “Robin Hood”, which was passed in 1993 when Frisco was just a few thousand people. We here in Frisco know how much Robin Hood takes. The tab is over $108 million. Some might say that’s lucky because some school districts have lost more than a billion. How is this possible for school districts like Frisco to lose $125 million, despite skyrocketing property values? Where is all the money going? Not where you think it is.

There are three funding sources to supplement poor schools – it’s like a three-legged stool. The first leg is Robin Hood. That is way up; you know that! Second is the Texas Lottery. It also just set a record for revenues. But the third leg is Texas’ General Fund. That leg is so short the stool is falling over.

That is why your taxes go up, but your school has less. The State needs to step back up to its traditional level of contribution. That is why I am running for State Representative. It can be done. I am optimistic, and I have good reason to be.

You might say I was born optimistic. Many people do not know this about me, but as a child, I was a ward of the Texas Child Protective Services system. I lived in a variety of foster homes. Until I was eight, I dreamed of the life other kids had, living with one mother and one father in a loving home. Thank God my dream came true. For some kids, the agony goes on longer and leaves deep scars.

Fortunately, tribulations make you tough. As an adult, I became part of the Military Intelligence Battalion of the US Army Reserves. Tough experiences prepared me for the challenges of my life. In building my successful business and getting elected to Co-Serve, that toughness came in handy.

Today, Texas has two huge problems: Schools and taxes. We kicked them down the road and now we cannot anymore. I pledge to fix the property tax problem, or I would not run again. I will let someone else try. The future of our kids and our state are too important to allow ego and political ambition get in the way.

Clint Bedsole, Frisco business owner, Co-Serve Board Member and 
Republican candidate for State Representative.