Motor City Pizza at MASH’D

Frisco! Are you ready to experience a little “Motor City” of Detroit in our very own hometown? All you have to do is head down to Mash’d – the high-energy American restaurant located at 401 Preston Rd to taste test The mouth-watering Motor City Pizza.

You may have seen this gem of a pizza on our Facebook pages already; let’s dive into this deep dish treat, shall we?

First, this is not just any run of the mill pizza. In fact, it took Mash’d co-owner and fellow Frisco resident, David Kazarian alongside, celebrity chef and the coined, “Pizza Guy”, Peter Reinhart, spending weeks in the kitchen trying to come up with the perfect recipe.

David Kazarian: “The Motor City Pizza is a culinary collective effort driven by passion and love. Our guests really really love it…and that’s what matters!”

Once they knew they found the right combination, they added it to the Mash’d menu. The Motor City Pizza stands apart from other pizza recipes because they use all organic ingredients, including Wisconsin Brick Cheese, DiNapoli tomatoes and 100% Central Milling Organic Flour. The process in making this pizza is another reason it offers a taste wanting you to come back for more. The pizza dough goes through a forty-eight hour fermentation process, and during this time the cheese is actually added into the dough before baking. This helps give the pizza crispy baked cheese around the entire edges. This, coincidentally is called, “Frico”. 

Peter Reinhart: “We did it. Now THIS is the best pizza I’ve ever tasted.”

It’s the special touches that you have to appreciate, for example the pizza arrives to your table served on a board that was designed and crafted by a local artist.  

Their kitchen doesn’t just stop at pizza. Mash’d also offers a number of other made-from-scratch tasty selections, be it their Chicken & Biscuits, Bootleg Ribs, or Rustic Salad to name just a few. Their high-energy atmosphere with music playing, flat screen tv’s, refreshing cocktails, including their famous Moonshine infusions with freshly squeezed juices that are made daily. They even have a designated, “Moonshine Shed” area in the restaurant to enjoy them.

Come visit Mash’d to taste The Motor City Pizza and other menu items. See you there, Frisco!