Mayor’s Musings

What makes Frisco great?

Families and corporations are moving to Frisco at a record pace. When I speak to someone who has recently chosen Frisco, I like to ask them why they moved here. Undoubtedly, they say something about Frisco being great. But what actually makes Frisco great?

When I peel back the onion, many times the #1 answer is “great schools”. Then people will proceed with “nice parks and neighborhoods”, “sports and activities for the whole family”, “lots of shopping, restaurant and entertainment choices”. I would add to this list, the best police and fire departments, a commitment to open spaces throughout our unique developments, a growing arts community and the home of 8 professional sports teams including the Dallas Cowboys!

However, I think there is another factor which makes Frisco great. It is our small town atmosphere. Even though we have the appearance of a large and booming suburb, Frisco residents and our local businesses treat one another in a neighborly way. Maybe it is because not long ago we were a small town. Just twenty years back, Frisco had a population of approximately 15,000 residents. Thankfully, we have been able to hold onto that friendly, giving behavior which is often found in small towns. I meet people who have moved to Frisco from all over the world and they tell me they have never experienced a more supportive city. They say they feel like everyone is rooting for them to be successful. I think this can be attributed to our small town lifestyle.

As Frisco grows, I want to hold onto that attitude. But this is something which cannot be accomplished by Council passing an ordinance. The duty to be neighborly and to offer a helping hand falls upon each one of us. Students and local organizations email me about their desire to give back and support the city. My answer to them and to all of us is, be friendly to people we meet and support local charities. This is how we can hold onto our small town feeling no matter how big we get. Many people move to Frisco for the world-class amenities but they stay for the world-class people. So when you meet someone who has just moved here, show them the Frisco way.