Mayor's Turn 4

Mayor’s Musings

NYE celebrations mark the official end of the holiday season. You may have finished 2017 with a big party surrounded by friends or a quiet night at home watching the ball drop with your family. Even though New Year’s Eve is fun, I would like to think of myself as more of a New Year’s Day kind of guy. I like the idea of starting fresh and beginning again. When you write 01/01, it is like writing beginning/beginning. In my own business, I require my employees to go through an exercise of setting goals for each new year. Since I work for the Frisco residents, here’s my New Year’s resolutions and goals.

Think Corporate. Here in Frisco, we have a lot of low hanging fruit, albeit great and exciting fruit. We have created a sports niche and our economy has handsomely benefited. However, we do not want to be pegged as a town which is only focused on sports and entertainment. I will focus my time and efforts in attracting corporate re-locations. Bringing large companies to Frisco adds to our tax base and provides the opportunity for our residents to not only live and play but also work close to their home and family. I am resolved to work alongside our EDC and Council to entice more corporate re-locations.

Look North. With The Star opening, it has connected and enlivened the southern end of our city. In that region of Frisco, we are on the cusp of enjoying our city after years of road construction, cranes and endless work trucks. In 2018, I want to shift my attention to the northern region of Frisco. As much as I love The Star, I know we do not want all of Frisco to look like The Star. We have development opportunities today in the north but I want to make sure we proceed with the right ones and that we preserve a substantial portion of the beautiful and scenic Texas terrain.  My goal is for north Frisco to contrast and compliment our south Frisco.  

Finish what we’ve started. How many years have we dreamed about Grand Park and an arts hall in Frisco? The answer is for far too long. I realize a large city public park and a performing arts center is outside the purview of our normal public safety and infrastructure focus. But these two big initiatives will determine our trajectory with the corporate sector and our residents and will forever define our city. 2018 is the year we stop dreaming and we begin to make tangible progress in these two efforts. I am committed to break ground in Grand Park at least in a first development phase. Also, I am committed to complete the arts feasibility study and encourage our vibrant and generous private sector to commence with a capital funds campaign for a future arts hall.  

I am enthralled with the idea of new beginnings and all the possibilities a new year brings us. Now you know my 2018 priorities and you can be assured I am going to begin anew on these New Year’s resolutions.