2018 Nutrition Trends 1

DNA Testing, Spices and Everything Nice

Working out is just one part to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, experts suggest that our nutrition is the most vital aspect of our overall bodies’ health. It helps to fuel all of our muscle groups and organs, including the most important one…our brains. 

In 2018, new trends can be used to help us find the best recipe for our individual road to improving our nutrition. Did you know that DNA Testing, for instance can help determine a nutrition path for each of us? That’s right, looking into those genes our parents gave us, can help us with our nutrition goals. Each of our genes can tell us things like how well we metabolize certain compounds –  be it caffeine, sugars, and more. You then can consult with your doctor to make the appropriate changes in your diet to optimize your nutrition goals. Advanced testing that have recently come on the market such as Habit is taking things one step further. With Habit, each participant takes a blood test to start,  you then drink a “metabolic challenge shake”, then you take a subsequent blood test after drinking the shake. The blood work tests are designed to see how well our bodies metabolize large amounts of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the shakes. Once you and your doctor have a better idea as to what metabolic rate your body is near, you can make all the adjustments needed. The DNA testing market in the nutrition sector is estimated to build into a fifty billion dollar industry by 2020! 

How many fermented foods would you guess that you consume each month? First, lets address what they are and what they consist of, then you may have a better estimate. Fermented foods are foods that are produced and preserved by microorganisms. Fermentation is not only good for preserving food; during the process it can actually improve the overall nutritional values in our food that result in better digestion, gut health and increased immune systems. Consuming fermented foods are said to increase our moods, skin health and disruptions in the gut such as IBS symptoms. Which foods then are considered under the umbrella of “fermented”, and do you have them in your kitchen right now? My guess is that most of you do. Food items such as: yogurt, pickles, sourdough bread, sauerkraut and beer are all great options for fermented foods. 

The last nutrition trend that a lot of us already use and may not even know it, is the implementation of certain spices to promote gut health. Increasing gut health can later result in weight loss and an increase in our overall wellness. Here are just a few of the spices you should add to your recipes this year:

  1. 1. Cayenne Pepper – This spice contains capsaicin which will help to burn fat. 
  2. 2. Cinnamon – “Cinnamon spice and everything nice.” This spice is indeed very nice, as it helps lower blood sugar and helps process carbs more efficiently.  
  3. 3. Turmeric – This spice is packed with vitamins B, C, proteins, fibers and carbohydrates. It is a juggernaut spice in aiding with weight loss.
  4. 4. Ginger – Helps to block cholesterol absorption and improves gastric mobility. Ginger tea anyone? 
  5. 5. Mustard Seed – If you don’t have this spice, it’s time to stock up! Mustard Seed is said to increase metabolism up to twenty-five percent! 

Next time you’re in the kitchen cooking up that tasty meal, just know that the spices you add aren’t just giving the family the benefit of taste, but is also helping with overall nutrition. 

No matter which trend or method you want to try this year to get you on a better nutritional path, you can’t go wrong when you eat clean, healthy and as always, consult with either a doctor or professional nutritionist to make sure your body is being fed what it needs! Happy healthy eating!