Mayor's Turn 3

Mayor Cheney’s Christmas Wish List

The Christmas season is finally here. It is a joyful time of year to celebrate with friends and family. Dana’s favorite part of Christmas is all the lights. Zach, Mason and Kaytlin love drinking hot chocolate while Dana and I drive them around Frisco Square 500 times watching the lights and turning up the radio full blast at Christmas in the Square. I don’t mind it. It doesn’t get old because my favorite part is spending more time with my family. However, since we are talking about Christmas, I thought I would show you my letter to Santa.

All I Want for Christmas is…


If only Santa could drag this one down the chimney! For Frisco, we want the best and that is Amazon. Having Amazon in Frisco will open up opportunities that we wouldn’t have available to us otherwise. I believe innovation in all sectors will become expected and commonplace.  Entrepreneurs and small businesses will flourish. All of our students from preschool to universities will benefit through increased donations, specialized learning programs, training and job opportunities. It would be a new frontier for Frisco and the entire North Texas region.

Cowboys Going All The Way

I dare not even say the word. The Cowboys have had a tough time. Let’s just leave it at that. Besides having one of the better teams in years though, one other thing has changed. The Cowboys are now headquartered in Frisco. Without jinxing it, wouldn’t it be the most amazing thing if Dak and The Boys break through and win the S__________!


Dana and I work hard to get ahead financially. It’s not for greedy reasons but for security and freedom. Security and freedom to continue working at our small business with our friends. The freedom to live where we want and to take a couple of trips with our family each year. We also have the freedom to give when and where it’s needed. For this reason, I want prosperity for all of our residents and all of our Frisco businesses. Dana and I understand how hard you work and we want you to succeed so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.  


Mostly, I think about and pray for the safety of all our residents. Unexpected tragic  events can happen. This is why we must always be prepared personally and as a city. Your safety is our city’s number one job. I take it very seriously and so do your first responders, Frisco Police and Fire.  We spend a significant percentage of your tax dollars to provide the resources and training they need to keep us safe. It is comforting to know they are both nationally recognized as being among the best in the nation. This Christmas season, when you see your Frisco Police and Fire, please stop and say, “Merry Christmas”.