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Men + Women Skin Care

The dry months are upon us, and with dry weather comes…dry skin. Thankfully, Frisco has just the person to the rescue. Cathy Hageman with SkinBasix. Nestled in the Phenix Salon Suites, conveniently located by the Stonebriar Mall at 8355 Gaylord Parkway, Cathy can have you in and out of your appointment while you’re out running errands!

Cathy has a variety of quality skin care services she can perform. These include regular thirty or sixty-minute facials for both men and women. She offers Wet/Dry Microdermabrasion. 
She uses a non-invasive technique that is gentile and leaves your skin feeling refreshed without the redness. Do you have unwanted acne, wrinkles or skin patches? Cathy can use her LED Power Treatments for these skin problem areas. You can also take advantage of SkinBasix’ waxing treatments, including, brows, and facial areas.

Unlike several skin care professionals catering to mainly women, Cathy’s client base is nearly 50/50 ratio of men to women. Her target demographic are young professionals, but she performs her services on anyone. She only carries the industries quality skin line products; her favorite to use is Osmosis.

There are of course several skin care specialists to choose from. Cathy makes it a goal to differentiate herself from the others. Cathy makes it a priority to really listen to her client’s needs. She doesn’t look at each of her client as a “time slot”; she wants to make it a personable and enjoyable experience. She knows that skin care can be a sensitive subject for many and offers pre-consults before appointments should you have any questions or concerns. She will explain the entire process and make sure each client is comfortable. And if that wasn’t enough, she even offers an after-hours number for her clients to text her should they have any emergencies. Talk about customer service!

But don’t just take my word for it; her clients seem to feel the same:

“As a home remodeler, I routinely encounter dust and construction debris on my skin and face. Being a man, I honestly never had considered a facial; however, after speaking with Cathy at SkinBasix I figured I had nothing to lose, and who knows, maybe even benefit from one. Sometimes working around remodeling dust, it appears I wash my skin and it looks clean but still doesn’t FEEL clean. I just figured this was normal. Upon my first facial I learned that it WAS possible for my skin to both be and feel truly clean. The whole experience was relaxing and when complete, my skin felt light and breathable. Even my wife noticed and complimented my handsome complexion! I’m a believer and would recommend SkinBasix to anyone both male or female for their ability to refresh and renew the largest organ in our body, our skin.”  -Vino

“Cathy did an amazing job on my old mug. She was very professional and seemed to genuinely care about my skin care. It was an hour of pampering-not sales pitches. My face looks and feels years younger. Highly recommended paying Cathy a visit. I will definitely return!” -Jason Teel

“Very professional and relaxing. The treatments used reduced the lines and wrinkles as well as making my skin look healthier and more youthful. I received numerous compliments after my facials. Highly recommend.” -Cindy

If your skin is needing comprehensive treatments or just a refresher, come visit Cathy at SkinBasix. She is constantly seeking to remain knowledgeable within the skincare industry. She attends weekly continuing education classes as well as monthly/yearly seminars. She is an avid animal lover and advocate and a member of the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. To learn more about SkinBasix and schedule your first appointment visit