Mayor Cheney's Turn

Thank You

September 29 marked the 100th Day of my plan for Frisco. My commitment to you in these 100 Days was presented to you in nine planks at the Frisco Chamber’s State of the City Address. We are happy to announce our success in all our initiatives. Accomplishing all of this at breakneck speed was important for me to demonstrate my desire to move quickly and not wait for another committee, another research study, another excuse to delay our Progress in Motion. None of this could have happened without so many of you. However, my MVP award goes to City of Frisco Communications Department led by Dana Baird-Hanks. Dana and her amazing team have created and produced all of the 100 Days Videos. Thank you, Dana, for all your hard work, we have enjoyed watching each of your videos. And, if you have missed them, you can find them on the City of Frisco site and Facebook.

Thank you to our excellent City Council for working so diligently on several issues. We approved an ordinance which required more open space in a meaningful way. We also passed a Homestead Exemption which provided 7.5% tax reduction for Frisco’s homeowners and approved our 2018 budget which included a reduction in Frisco’s effective tax rate. Thank you to Donny Churchman, a private developer who had a dream to preserve the historic nature of downtown but bring in unique developments. And to Mark Piper, owner of Patti Ann’s flowers, who has created a real camaraderie amongst the downtown business owners to drive this rejuvenation.

Thank you to Tammy Meinershagen, the Executive Director of Frisco Arts Association. She is working to bring more art to Frisco like the 2nd Annual Arts Walk this month and more exposure for our artists. And a huge thank you to Craig Hall for taking the lead within the private sector to begin the conversation of Frisco building it’s own arts hall. Thank you to the Frisco Veteran Advisory Committee lead by Fred Rogers. Our veterans have accomplished so much in these 100 Days. On Veterans Day this year, we will be announcing the Frisco Distinguished Veteran for 2017. Last but not least, I want to thank George Purefoy, his team and all the City departments who were involved in accomplishing our plan. Thank you to all our city staff. We are just getting started. I can’t wait to tell you what is happening next.