Mayor's Turn

Mayor’s Musings

I knew when I was running for Mayor one of greatest areas where I wanted to make significant change was in how we communicate. When I was talking with thousands of Frisconians, one of the biggest complaints was lack of transparency.

This legitimate objection comes from a place of lack of information or more importantly, lack of communication. My intention is to revolutionize the way we communicate with each other. First step is addressing the need for better and increased communication opportunities. The second step is actually doing it.

We are organizing various styles of gatherings for Frisconians to ask questions and discuss issues in different formats, environments and constituency groups. We had a pARTy with Mayor Cheney which is a more casual social gathering with Frisco’s vibrant art community to discuss how Frisco can encourage the arts. Our next one is September 7th at 8680 Gallery. If you are an artist or simply appreciate art, please join the discussion.  We have had large crowds two times for our Coffee with the Mayor already. You are invited to come to City Hall, 5th floor and join the casual Q&A format. National Breast Cancer Foundation was the first host for the Mayor’s Business Round Table. It is an opportunity for business people to address their obstacles and ideas. Also in August, we held our first Chai with Cheney which is a town hall meeting held quarterly focusing on our growing, diverse community. Coming up in October, we will be holding our first social gathering with Frisco’s veterans and a Frisco Lakes town hall. All of these communication opportunities are listed on my calendar at  where you can sign up to attend. And, if you have a suggestion, please drop me a note through my website.

It’s been exciting to see all the new restaurants opening at The Star. Many of you ask what my favorite restaurants are in Frisco. My family and I have enjoyed visiting the new Cane Rosso and Neighborhood Services. However, our nearly once-a-week old standby is always Blue Goose. If you see me there, please stop and say hello. I’ll probably be eating my favorite food group, chips and salsa.