Mayor Cheney's Turn

Mayor’s Musings

During my campaign for Mayor, I spoke with thousands of residents. You told me what you loved about Frisco and what you see as the challenges we face as a community. In return, I made some big commitments to you. So when Frisco Chamber of Commerce invited me to give a State of the City address on June 21st, I realized this would be my first opportunity as the new Mayor of Frisco to lay out my plan for the city. It was important to me to move quickly and demonstrate through action that I was serious about my commitments to you. Since this speech would be delivered 36 days after my swearing in, we decided to make it my “100 Day Plan”.

We selected nine areas of focus for this plan. It easily could have been 47 as I joked on the day of the speech. However, these nine areas jumped out at me and I believe demanded to be addressed immediately. My nine planks are Communication Strategy, Manage Growth, Rejuvenate Downtown, Focus on Arts, Expand Economic Development, Valuing Veterans, Get Moving Again, Tax Relief, and lastly, Frisco’s Legacy.

I was hoping the audience realized the speech wasn’t a checklist of items that the City of Frisco was going to deliver to the residents. It was much more than that. It presented the concept of all of us working together to attain this world-class city that we envision. The great news is that you got it! My phone and email exploded after the speech for weeks with people offering to help. The amazing part is people are offering assistance in various planks of the plan that doesn’t directly benefit themselves. They see the need and want to be a part of something bigger. Thank you, Frisco. You really are amazing.  September 29th will be Day 100 and I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish together.