August Beauty Tips 2

And just like that, August is here and the summer fun is coming to a close. With the thought of school schedules and extra curricular’s filling our calendar, a last minute vacation sounds like the perfect way to say goodbye. For me, vacation is a break from not only the stress and business of home-life, it’s rest from daily beauty and health routines that take up so much time, ie blowouts and meal prep! So for the month of August, I curated the top services to have before those last minute vacations that will ensure optimum relaxation without sacrifice.

1) A sunless tan. Getting a tan before you go on any beach vacation helps you feel your best when you step outside in your swimsuit. Amanda at Sunless Luxe in Frisco helps me do just that. Because Amanda can tailor your color to your specifications with a custom tan, you get a gorgeous bronze before even stepping foot on the beach. Thus you avoid the inevitable pasty first day of vacation photos and the subsequent burn that comes with overzealous sun basking to expedite your end of vacation glow. In addition to the personalized color, the Norvell products Amanda uses, nourish the skin and are applied expertly by hand to avoid streaks and unnatural distribution resulting in expertly applied coverage that looks natural and feels amazing. And best of all, creates zero sun damage. After receiving my custom treatment, I was sure everyone would ask me where I got my spray tan. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to get questions asking where I’d just vacationed!

2) Waxing. The last thing you want to do on vacation is shave. When preparing for my cruise, the thought of shaving my legs in that tiny shower seemed miserable. While yes, it’s not the most relaxing of beauty regimens, it does ensure less time inside on your vacation and more time luxuriating poolside. My suggestion for finding the right esthetician or waxing studio is to find one that offers multiple options for hair removal. I love a combination of waxes and absolutely love sugaring. An experienced technician will know what product is best for different areas of the body. My favorite studio is Luxe Skin Care. Erica has been in the industry for over a decade and certainly knows her stuff. I have had my share of good and bad experiences and she is by far the best, most knowledgeable and experienced in a multitude of techniques.

3) Detox. Of course you want to look great on your vacation, but you also want to feel great too. One thing I love to do before any trip, is detox and lose some water weight to feel my absolute best. Curated Health simplifies this for you so that you aren’t adding more pre-vacation stress to your already maxed out schedule. Curated Health is about effortless wellness. The certified health coach, Colet, takes on the work for you to get you vacation ready and much more. From grocery tours to pantry organization, they make getting healthy a piece of cake…err, a piece of kale.  Colet will meet with you and create a personalized meal plan or smoothie diet, based on your needs, goals and taste bud preferences. Curated Health will even do the shopping for you and deliver it all to your door. Best of all, she walks you through the entire process so you aren’t left to guesswork.

4) Lashes. When clients come to me for their makeup, they often have reference photos to show me what they want to look like for their big event, photo shoot or everyday life. And nearly every time, the pictures vary completely one to the next. When I ask them what it is they like about this photo over another, I find that one thing they are drawn to is a full lash line. That’s why I have chosen lash extensions as my last pick! While I don’t think they are better than strip lashes or even a couple coats of mascara, they are a time saver and look beautiful when applied correctly. And that’s exactly what I want on vacation. There are a ton of options on the market now for lash extensions and while my search wasn’t exhaustive, I will tell you why I landed on the Lash Lounge in Plano for my extensions. First being, they have options! I was thrilled to find out that I could partner with my stylist to create a look that I love based on eye shapes. They have a variety of lengths, curls and thicknesses. Once they are applied, the amount of makeup required went down drastically and in combination of my gorgeous spray tan, I hardly needed anything to look put together without being overdone. Farah at Lash Lounge Plano is the person to see! ‘