Summer Trends 12

Neiman Marcus’ New Makeup Line Le Metier de Beaute

As a professional makeup artist, I get asked regularly if I offer classes or makeup lessons for my clients. With the surge of YouTube tutorials, it has never been easier to be your own makeup artist. Getting the tricks of the trade are as simple as a Google search and you are outfitted with step-by-step instructions to recreate any given look. The problem arises when attempting to cater that look to your own unique face and features.  What’s accomplished on one set of eyes, will surely needed a few adjustments for yours. That’s where my Beauty Pick of the month comes in!  Enter the Memory mirror! I headed over to Neiman Marcus Willowbend to experience first hand the genius behind this new technology.

At the Le Métier de Beaute counter I met with my artist, Alexander, who introduced me to not only this exclusive line but the whole process. The mirror, he told me, would capture my total in-store makeover from start to finish and then provide me with a video of our session in my email.  Essentially, I would go home with my own YouTube tutorial so I can recreate the look at home! The memory makeover mirror records the entire application but compartmentalizes them into short videos of each step: first the face, followed by eyes, cheeks and lips. That way, if you just need a refresher on eyeliner, you can go directly to eyes and skip the rest. As Alexander applied my makeup, voice notes were created and embedded into the video files so that I had step-by-step guidance when trying out the look at home. The process was both fun and exciting!

What I noticed immediately when sitting in the chair, however, was the lighting system around the mirror.  When my image popped up on screen, I could see myself in natural light instead of the overhead lighting in store. Lighting always proves problematic when trying to color match at any beauty counter. Having simulated natural light to do my makeup made it easier to match colors to my skin and see the application process.

This Memory Mirror in conjunction with the luxury products of Le Métier and the skilled artists they train, take makeup shopping to the next level. While it may put me out of a job, I have to say that everyone needs to experience it for themselves. You will undoubtedly leave equipped with the knowledge of how to use your products and apply them at home. You may even learn a new technique or two.  The best part is that it is completely customized to your features and coloring. Absolutely no guess work!

And while the mirror itself is my July Beauty Pick, I will say that the tinted moisturizer was my by far my favorite product. According to Alexander, what makes Le Métier’s tinted moisturizer so special is that it includes retinol.  Retinol is an anti-aging powerhouse with tried and true results.  While typical retinol use can not be exposed to sun, Le Métier de Beaute has implemented a patented technology to create a proprietary delivery system enabling the active ingredient to penetrate immediately and release throughout the day. It gave a beautiful natural-looking finish and can be worn alone or used as a treatment product under a fuller coverage foundation. I was thrilled to learn about this luxurious product that actually improves my skin while wearing it.

When the heat gets so unbearable and you are desperate for a break, grab the girls and head to Neiman Marcus, Willowbend. They are accepting appointments today!