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Frisco YMCA Expansion

Exciting news on the horizon! The Frisco YMCA is expanding! Currently located on Main Street holding a little over 6,000 members, this facility is adding an additional five thousand square feet to its building. With Frisco’s rapid growth, comes more families. And more families will mean people of all ages looking for a place for their health and wellness. The Frisco YMCA wants to be sure to keep up with that growth.

The expansion will take place with a projected three phases; with Phase One set to complete this month (exciting)! Phase One will add more space to their Health & Wellness areas. This will include a new multipurpose room that will be named “Studio B” – This will allow a myriad of social exercise classes such as aerobics, spin classes, karate, dance, ballet, martial arts and the like to take place.

In addition, the expansion will have an expanded free weight area; in fact, they are set to double this area.  This area will be equipped to offer members a chance to really experience a “wow” factor. It is being transitioned into a functional fitness/personal training area. This will include exercise machines such as treadmills, elliptical and the like, as well as large areas to work out with personal trainers to allow for a more targeted fitness results.

Once Phase One is up and running, The Frisco YMCA is projecting Phase Two will feature (drum roll…) an Aquatic Center! This will include an outdoor pool for the YMCA members. They will offer swim lessons as well as exercise activities, and well, just plain fun! Phase Three is expected to offer a new gymnasium. This will offer the opportunity for group sporting events such as basketball to build self-esteem and practice good sportsmanship.

The Frisco YMCA has not only been a place for families to come enjoy increasing their wellness and fitness, it’s been a place of community. With our wonderful programs such as Adventure Guides and Indian Princess. Our after-school programs that we have partnered with Frisco ISD, as well as our after hour sports activities, just to name a few. Speaking with Bill Markell, Vice President of Operations for Frisco YMCA, he stated, “We firmly believe that in Phase One of our campaign, we can expand opportunities, continue to improve quality of life and more effectively build a healthier Frisco community.”

Just as Phase One is in part being built due to generous donations, they are very appreciative of any ways the residents of Frisco can contribute to the next two phases, as each of those phases are slotted to cost an estimated $1 million each. For further inquiries on how you can help, contact Bill Markell at 214.297.9622.

If you’re already a member, enjoy the new expansions on the horizon. If you’re not a member yet, get signed up!