Chef Chris Vogeli 3

The Man Behind III Forks

Fine cuisine is a part of the culture of major cities; Dallas-Fort Worth undoubtedly being one of them. Behind every delicious dish you savor, is a fine restaurant, chefs and management team making your food tastings leaving you wanting more.

One restaurant that has patrons from all over the DFW area, Frisco included flock to is that of the decadent Steakhouse, III Forks. The Executive Chef and General Manager of this gem located off the Dallas North Tollway is Chris Vogeli. Chris, along with his wife and two boys are Frisco residents.

Chris’ journey to become the Executive Chef and General Manager of III Forks begins with family influence. While watching both his Aunt and Uncle in the role of pastry chefs at a bakery, as well as influence from his father, Chris always had an ongoing interest with food.

Although he had a family background in the food industry, in the 1980’s Chris decided to get into the IT field. He enjoyed his work, however there was just something always missing for him. After some serious soul searching, Chris realized he wanted to work with his hands but also be around people. This is when he decided to pursue a culinary program. After graduation, Chris stayed in Switzerland for two and a half years in order to gain experience and refine his cooking skills. He took jobs in various Swiss hotels where he learned the French cooking style. He mentioned that was the time he was around some of the most delicate food items he’d known.

In 1990, Chris moved back to Dallas to apply what he had learned from his long stay in Switzerland. Chris learned more culinary tricks from famous Dallas chefs such as Stephen Pyles and Kent Rathbun. He later landed a position as lead caterer for the executive room in the Dallas Marriott Hotel. After that he moved on to be the lead caterer for five years for the J.C. Penney Headquarters in Plano, TX.

During around the mid-1990’s, Chris and his wife, who also worked in the restaurant industry, decided it was time to put down some roots and they chose Frisco, Texas as their destination. They both saw the potential growth that Frisco had, but “little did they know, how much growth!” as Chris stated.

Shortly after moving to Frisco, Chris became aware of the opportunity to buy a restaurant that was up for bid. This, of course, was III Forks. He has been Executive Chef and General Manager for over eighteen and a half years now.

III Forks not only has a myriad of delicious menu choices, they also help a number of local charities and are committed to giving back to the community. For over thirteen years, III Forks has been involved with various golf tournaments to help with cancer research for people like Connor Cruz. Connor was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2008. III Forks has provided means to raise funds to the family for Connor’s Wish Foundation for years.

Chris has always tried to remain a part of the Frisco community and give where he can. Any free time he has away from the restaurant is given to his family.

If you’re looking for some fine cuisine and a wonderful dining experience under the direction of managers such as Chris, be sure to check out III Forks.