Dr. Jill Wade 2

A Balancing Act

“The biggest lesson I’ve learned in life is, it is a constant balancing act that you have to continuously work hard at maintaining. The balance between family life, work life, spiritual life and personal life.” This was the comment Dr. Jill Wade made to me when visiting with her at her dental office, Stonebriar Smile Design that is her home away from home.

After sitting with Dr. Wade it became quickly evident she has a wonderful handle on how to keep all of those facets in her life in balance. It is no wonder she is the prominent power woman in Frisco that she is. A successful dentist, a devoted mother of two beautiful twin girls, who she claims are number one in her life, and a dedicated member of her church, Grace Avenue United Methodist Church.

It has been said that a powerful women will possess many traits such as strength, dedication and knowledge. Dr. Jill Wade has all of these and more.

Jill is a native Texan, born and raised in a small town called, Mount Pleasant. She later decided on a profession and attended Baylor College of Dentistry to obtain her degree. She pursued cosmetic dentistry during its early stages. After graduation and her residency years were completed, she did her research and knew that she wanted to practice in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as it projected the most growth in the coming years. Llittle did she know how much growth, she mentioned. In 1999, she ultimately, and lucky for us, chose Frisco to set up her office and place her family roots for the long haul. Since moving to Frisco, Dr. Wade has been in three different office buildings, with the last and current one at 3880 Parkwood which she purchased in 2007.

Dr. Wade has always remained a part of the Frisco community, be it with being involved in her daughter’s schools, as an active member of her church, or serving time with several Frisco organizations, such as Leadership Frisco where she has been involved with The Special Olympics for over fifteen years. She claimed that it’s important to her to “be a part of a team; be a leader.” And a leader she is. She has been involved with Grace Avenue United Methodist Church from the very beginning. In fact, Jill claimed she remembers the days they would meet at a cafeteria in an elementary school and now they have a large complex off of Main Street. She has grown in her Faith and she said, “the people I have met at church are like my extended family now.” Pretty wonderful.

When Dr. Wade sets down the dental tools and makes her ten-minute commute to her Frisco home, she puts on her hat of being a Mom. She shared with me that although many people may think the cliché way, that I am some sort of a “superwoman” working Mom, the truth is, I have come to understand and work on the notion to live in the moment. Instead of making sure everything is “perfect,” take a breath and spend my time with my girls. If the laundry doesn’t get done, it will get done tomorrow. If the kitchen isn’t in perfect shape, oh well, it will be eventually, if I haven’t had time to get to the grocery store, thank goodness I live in an area where there are food options all around me.”  She claims that we all place enough pressure on ourselves to be this perfect version of ourselves, and we are never going to achieve that. She is constantly trying to remain cognizant of what message is she giving herself? Are her inner voices of self-love or are they being critical? She stated, the messaging that she gives herself are the same messages that will be shown to her daughters. She said, “I am careful what I am mirroring to my girls. I want them to feel like they are beautiful, that they can do or be anything they want. I want them to be happy, confident and always be in touch and in tune with their feelings. My messages I give to myself are also the messages I am passing onto them.”

Dr. Wade takes this notion into her work, or what she also has deemed her “stable place”, with her as well. She said she views herself as a mentor to the wonderful group of woman she has working for her. (Side note: she has always employed only women) So, just like with her daughters, she will make sure her messaging she’s giving off to her employees are positive and encouraging. “I want them to feel like they are happy and constantly learning. If they are happy, then not only does that make me happy, it helps the overall business flourish.”

Lastly, and definitely not least, once this remarkable woman finishes her balancing act of home, work and church, she has those few hours that we all get to reflect and well, just take a breath, right? The ever needed, “me time.” Dr. Wade shared that for her decompress time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to books on audio, and traveling. Italy being her favorite place she’s visited, she explained that traveling gives you this complete change in perspective. “Just when you think you may have problems, you travel to other places; especially abroad, and you realize your problems really aren’t that big. Traveling can help you appreciate your life that much more.” She enjoys going at least once a month to a new location; sometimes with her girls, sometimes without.

I asked her to tell me what is one piece of advice you would want to pass to your daughters? She said, “To be true to yourself and to find your own joy. There is not one job; one person who will give that to you. I want them both to find that within them.”

“Sometimes I falter with keeping each piece of my life in the correct balance. It’s important to not give one portion too much attention and then let the others get away from you, but when I fall off a bit, I try to just step back for a minute and put the pieces back in place as best I can to balance it out again.”

After visiting with Dr. Wade, at the end of our visit, I was not only glad to have met her; I left her beautiful Frisco office inspired. I would say that Dr. Jill Wade is doing just fine with keeping the proper balance in her life. Frisco is lucky to have her.