Cool Tech Gadgets 5

A Woman’s Playground

Who says “techie” gadgets are only fun for men? Nothing could be further from the truth. In the fast-paced, technology driven world we live in today, the technology items are useful for women, whether working in an office in the business world, or at home. Any products that help make our life,well…easier is welcomed. Here are just a few to start your collection.

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – Gone are those days of the tangled up cords, the hubs waiting for you to finish drying your hair to get out the door and the tangled up, heated mess your hair can receive from traditional hair dryers. The Dyson Supersonic is taking hair drying by storm! WIth its capacity to dry your hair at a 360 degree angle at all times, it checks 20 times a second the temperature coming from the dryer and makes adjustments, and with its efficient ways to dry the hair, this cuts down drying time. As if that wasn’t enough, it also has magnetic attachments for other styles. That’s right, I said magnetic (sounds heavenly). It has a diffuser for those curly styles, a nozzle for making straightening the hair easier and last but not least an attachment that focuses on drying the hair in sections at a time to bring on more focused drying. It’s almost as though you are in a hair salon in your own home. You’ve got to pick this one up, ladies!

2. Owlet Baby Monitor – If you ask any parent what their number one priority is, they would most certainly answer their beloved children. Parents want the best for their child’s well-being, including their health. When newborns come home, naturally, there are anxiety’s that come along for the newbie parents. We’ve all done it: went to the nursery three, okay five times a night to check on the baby. What if I told you there is a baby monitor out there that would help you (and baby) sleep easier? The Owlet Baby Monitor is just that device. With this wonderful invention, you can monitor your child’s heart and oxygen levels while they sleep. Anytime any of these change, you will be alerted on the monitor.

3. HP Instant Photo Printer – Okay, we all have the smartphones and we take approximately 1400 photos a week, right? Have you ever really done anything with those photos that are just sitting in your phone? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some of those photos hanging on your wall at home, for instance? Well, you can. The HP Instant Photo Printer is a portable printer that you can plug directly into your smartphone or tablet and voilia! print out any photo of your choice. Pretty cool.

4. Wireless Bose Headphones – Whether we’re at the office, or at home tending to the kiddos, we are busy gals. And sometimes what helps get us through is…music. These Bose Wireless Headphones are you must have headphones. First of all, the sound quality is impeccable. They are designed to drown out outside noises and optimize the sounds coming in. They may not be small ear buds/pods, but they are surprisingly light weight as well. They will keep you moving along. You don’t want to miss out on these, girls.

5. Amazon Echo – This may not be one of the newer gadgets, but ladies, it will make your life easier, for sure. Want to do ask about the weather? Want to know how to get somewhere you’re looking to go? Maybe do some online Amazon shopping? Well, with the Amazon Echo, you can do all that and then some! Tell the designated personal assistant, “Alexa” what you want, and she will deliver. And we all said in unison: “Thank you Amazon!”

6. RAP Charge – How many times are we out and about, specifically at dinner and our phones just decide to die on us? Yeah, I am raising my hand, too. Well, thanks to the wonderful product that is now being offered to a lot of our local Frisco hot spots, our worries that our phones will turn off are no more. I present to you the RAP Charge. This portable device allows patrons to stay at their tables with their smart phones as their phones…charge. For more information, contact them at 888.847.2679.

Whichever tech gadget you try out, whether on this list or not, embrace in the “techie” part of you. All of the gadgets that make your life more efficient and enjoyable is what it’s all about.