Eat Fresh + Healthy

Frisco Farmers Market

Get your shopping lists and taste buds ready, Frisco. It’s almost time for our Frisco Farmer’s Market to open! Set to arrive starting on May 7th through October 22nd at it’s brand new location off of 4th Street, between Main and Elm, the days of shopping for fresh produce, veggies and meats to bring to the dinner table, are near.

Dating  back to it’s opening in 2007, the Frisco Farmer’s Market has undergone a lot growth. Local farmers and growers provide the community with fresh produce, vegetables, meat, breads and other fresh products. The fresh market allows the farmers to cultivate a relationship between the citizens within the community and their own business – farming. They are offered another avenue of marketing their fresh Texas grown produce as well as provide North Texas with nutrition-filled fruits, veggies and meats. Whether you need fresh tomatoes, grass fed fresh meat selections, or a crisp, fresh head of lettuce for a salad, you will find it here. The Farmer’s Market has provided Frisco and surrounding cities with healthy and fresh options to feed the entire family.

Owned and operated today by The Rotary Club of Frisco, the Farmer’s Market has been a place for Frisco residents and fellow neighbors to take some time out of their fast paced days and slow down a bit. This allows you to experience what shopping a fresh community centered market feels like.The comradery as well as the fresh selections are bountiful.

For more information on Frisco Farmer’s Market, contact them at 972-885-9419.