Modern Home Decor 9

Dressing Up A Frisco Home

Modern Home decor is a desired trend for many homeowners. There are a number of ways to dress up a home for the modern era we live in.

One great modern option for modern touches are DFW’s prominent, Gary Riggs Home. With over two decades of experience in interior design, Gary Riggs will work with homeowners to create your dream home space. Gary Riggs has over five hundred home furnishings and accessories for any room of the home. For more information or to visit their showroom, contact Gary Riggs Home at 214.547.1054.

Another option that adds the modern look is Vant. Vant are modern wall panels that can completely transform any room in mere minutes! They are both innovative and easy to install and a clean wall decor option for the home. Whether you want to add an elegant look to a bedroom, or an added touch to an office or a kitchen. A home owner can choose from a number of styles and eye-catching colors such as gold, micro-seude or pearl. Vant panels are also very friendly on the pocket book, with prices starting as low as $169. The install process can be completed seamlessly with their interlocking system, and can be taken down for easy cleaning.  For more information and pricing on Vant Wall Panels, contact Vant at 800.520.VANT.

Oasis Accents in the Shops of Starwood is another great interior decorating choice. They offer an abundance of modern options to dress up any room of the home. From beautiful vases, to vibrant pillows, Oasis Accents will allow you to add in those beautiful accent pieces that bring a room to life. Contact Oasis at