Nerdvana Food + Spirits is Open!

Video Games + Tasty Bites

Calling all nerds, techies, and the like. Have you ever thought, why isn’t there a restaurant where I can enjoy delicious food and play video games at once? Well, I am here to tell you there is, and it’s in our home town! Nerdvana located on Main Street in Frisco opened its doors in late January and has taken Frisco techies by storm ever since.

The owner, Kristy Pitchford came up with the idea from her husband, Randy Pitchford, who is the CEO of Gearbox Software Company here in Frisco. Randy had visited a bar in Australia that had video game stations available where people played and socialized. Randy thought it was a great atmosphere and shared his experience with Kristy upon his return. Kristy agreed it sounded great and wanted to bring the concept here to Frisco. After some further brainstorming, and planning, Nerdvana came to fruition! They started by placing their wildly popular coffee shop, Nerdvana Coffee in the same building as Gearbox. After seeing the success the coffee shop had, they decided to expand on the brand, and did they ever! Nerdvana is a dream restaurant for any nerd out there!

Walking into Nerdvana, you are immediately transformed into your inner child as you see the gaming stations scattered around the bar and seating areas. They offer both old school games and current games as well. Kristy mentioned, “The goal is to make Nerdvana become a true community feeling, we want all of the nerds, techies, to feel like they have a place to come gather and share in on the experience; to develop a true nerd culture.”

Video games are only part of what Nerdvana has to offer. Kristy mentioned what makes them stand out food wise, is they offer a made-from-scratch kitchen for their tasty menu items. Everything from their pastas, down to each sauce is made entirely from scratch by Mike Junio, executive chef and to keep it all in the family, he also happens to be Kristy’s brother. The selections are fresh each time, as opposed to store bought or frozen. Their menu includes delicious items such as Patty Melts, delicate salads and drinks inspired from certain video games. How fun!

This is an experience you don’t want to miss. After all, who could pass up playing a game of Mario Kart while eating some tasty bites?