Finding The Perfect Engagement Diamond

The 4 C’s

Weddings are arguably planned and executed in large part due to the bride-to-be. There is one decision however, that is left up to the groom. It’s, of course, the element that sets forth the wedding planning to begin with. That, of course, is to search for and select the perfect engagement ring.

No pressure, guys.

If you educate yourself enough beforehand, it can make the shopping experience go a lot more seamlessly. A good rule to shop by is the rule of the four “C’s”: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat.

Diamonds can be an incredible objective object. Some woman like round, whereas others want princess cut. Once you get a good idea of the shape of diamond your soon to be fiance wants, you can then dive into addressing the four “C’s.”

The Carat is the weight of the diamond. A carat is weighed using a 100-pound scale. For instance, a diamond with 75 points is .75 carats.

The higher the carat size, the rarer the diamond. It’s important to keep in mind, however, two diamonds of the same carat weight could easily have different values since you also have to take into account the Cut, Clarity and Color.

The Clarity of the diamond is perhaps one of the largest elements that determine the value of each diamond. Every diamond hold inclusions – theses are tiny imperfections or blemishes in the diamond. The size, color, and position of these inclusions will determine the value of the diamond. the smaller the inclusion(s), the rarer (and more expensive) the diamond.

The Color of diamonds also needs to be taken into account when searching for the perfect gem. Diamonds can come in various colors, and some brides preference is to wear the non-traditional colors. In most cases, the more colorless the diamond is, the greater value of the diamond. Diamonds are graded on their color using an alphabet scale. For instance, if a diamond is graded a D-F it is considered colorless. If it is graded G-I the diamond is near-colorless, and if one is graded S-Z this will indicate that the diamond has a slight yellow or brown tint.

The last “C”, the Cut is just as important to consider, in fact, it arguably could be the most important. When you hear people say gestures such as, “your ring sure is sparkling” or the like, this is in large part due to the diamond having a good cut. How well a diamond is cut will effect how much light enters a diamond and then reflects outward to give that “sparkling” affect.

When you purchase your diamond, each one will come with a diamond certificate that will explain what grade each one holds for each of the four “C’s”.

An additional thought to consider while finding that perfect sparkler, find out which type of shaped diamond your sweetie wants. Some women are completely set on wanting that princess or round cut, whereas some want an oval, etc. The shapes of diamonds are: Princess, Round, Oval, Marquis, Brilliant, Emerald and Pear.

The diamond has acted as a symbol of love for many decades. There are no two the same and are treasured for a lifetime.

Happy hunting!