Reveal the 
Power of YOU

What an awesome gift we have wrapped up in every new year. Another chance for a fresh start. While we can’t erase what happened last year, we CAN redirect. Chaos proceeds great change – it’s like a tornado propelling you forward. So if 2016 sent you into a tailspin, take a deep breath and let’s REVEAL THE POWER OF YOU.

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda – the evil triplets that can wreak havoc on our lives. Move on and look at the New Years Resolution list from a different angle. Our goals mirror our habits. Do yours reflect the success you desire? Success CAN be yours by spending the bulk of your time consistent with your goals.

What areas are you dedicating your time, money and energy? Often we veer off course in a bad strategy trap. We impulsively focus our efforts on the situation that screams the loudest. Again, take a deep breath, and put some thought into it. Does this align with your goals or should you move onto something more worthy of your precious time?

Need a little help keeping true to your intentions? Develop a Super Alter Ego!

Let them be your voice of reason:

• Does she drink a bottle of wine every night or turn to tea?

• Does he stay late at the office again or get home for family time and kiss the kids goodnight?

• Does she say yes to yet another volunteer opportunity, or spend that time helping little Joey with his homework?

• Does he order the greasy burger or show his friends he’s a real man by ordering grilled chicken?

The journey is more important than the actual destination. Be open to switching paths and ditching some habits that don’t reflect your goals. Now take another deep breath and get ready to soar as you REVEAL the power of YOU!

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