My Fit Foods

Healthy Grab-And-Go Meals

With a new year having arrived, comes another year of being busy in Frisco. And busy family schedules can equate to very little time to make meal preparations, let alone meals themselves.

Instead of driving that SUV into that fast food place after soccer practice for the third time this week, there is a much healthier option to feeding the whole family.

Fit Foods is a wonderful solution to feeding the family quickly and more importantly, in a more healthy manner this year. Whether you have a gluten-free person in your family, a vegetarian or someone who is just plain ready to eat well for a change, Fit Foods is your one stop shop.

Fit Foods offers pre-made, fresh ingredient, nutrient packed meals ready to grab-and-go! The meals can range from anything to a Herb Roasted Chicken with fresh Vegetables, to Chili Garlic Shrimp with Edamame. You can visit the Frisco Fit Foods location to speak with a nutrition expert to determine the best course of action for your meal planning as well.

There is no membership required for this. You can stop by any Fit Foods location to grab a meal or visit their participating retail locations that they work with, such as HEB and Target.

It’s a great alternative for families on the go, or just for those certain nights, cooking isn’t in the cards. (we have all had those, right?) Let Fit Foods do it for you.

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