Leisa Hart 2

Heart of Gold

Upon speaking with Leisa Hart for this article, it quickly became apparent to me that her last name suits her very well, as Leisa has a large heart herself.

Most people know Leisa, and may not even know they do. Leisa started the hit workout videos, which became infomercials and widely popular, Buns of Steel. That’s right, she was the mastermind behind…well, our behinds.

After her several decades of being in the fitness realm, Leisa decided it was time for the next phase of her life. This included getting married, and starting a family. She is a proud Mother of three children and has a husband Jim, who is her rock. Leisa resides in Frisco, Texas and has been involved in our community for a number of years.

Leisa has a website, http://www.leisahart.com/. She also has a Facebook page, Leisa Hart Lifestyles where she not only speaks of fitness tips but also overall wellness for women in general. She includes healthy food options, inspiring stories, blog posts and quotes to lift you up on those days when we all could use a little inspiration. She also continues to travel and hold different wellness seminars to reach and inspire her fans on a more intimate level.

In 2005, Leisa was diagnosed with the Autoimmune disease, Rheumatoid arthritis. And although she has had her struggles with this, she has used her ailment as a means to push herself even more. When she speaks at seminars now, she mentioned she will have her fans come up to her even more than they did back in the Buns of Steel days, only because more women can relate to her. They can relate to her on a number of levels. Her being a Mother herself has been an example of this. Leisa having to go through things such as losing baby weight, her placing her family first and juggling busy schedules day after day, many women can relate to and seek advice. Another way her fans can relate, is with her struggles through her own diagnosis and what that means in terms of her overall wellness. Many of her fans also struggle with certain ailments, be it diabetes, arthritis or any other physical setback(s). This can be a burden when trying to keep up with physical activities essential to our wellness. Leisa has provided sound advice and inspirations on how to best combat those struggles, all the while keeping a positive attitude.

Leisa hopes to continue inspiring other women and men with their wellness goals. She serves proudly at the Frisco Church, she can be seen around town raising her children and enjoying time with her family. Frisco is lucky to have Leisa Hart in our community. She certainly has a heart of gold.