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Studies indicate that in 2016, Frisco Texas ranked as #11 out of 100, in terms of being one of the healthiest cities to live in the state of Texas! The study was based on a number of factors including, access to medical facilities and treatment as well as access to fitness centers. These were based on statistics from the US Census and CDC.

Frisco is ranked so well on the list, in large part to the number of fitness facilities that we have within reach.

Gyms, such as Orangetheory Fitness Frisco take a modern day approach to fitness goals. They offer 60-minute workout sessions that are divided between both cardiovascular exercises as well as strength training. You are equipped with heart rate monitors in order to track your workout intensity to ensure the most prominent results in burning metabolic calories and increasing your energy level. Orangetheory believes in a group setting. If you workout with others, you are more likely to stick to your fitness goals and be held accountable in a group setting. In other words, the Orange Effect! To learn more about the newest fitness movement in the nation visit

Frisco Texas has also just raised the bar with Yoga. In 2017, Altitude Aerial Arts & Fitness will open its doors to all who wish to “fly high” with their fitness goals. Although Flying Yoga is already wildly popular in places such as Los Angeles and New York, it is a newer concept for the DFW area, stated owner, Tricia Lauerman. But it’s making it’s way to Dallas and the first stop is Frisco Texas! (lucky us).

How does it work, you might be thinking? In Aerial “Flying” Yoga, there is an aerial hammock that is used to help assist the participant with proper pose alignment and spinal decompression. The hammocks are built to support your body weight in order to perform all of the different yoga exercises, whether stretching on the ground or fully “flying” in the air off the ground. This method of yoga promotes greater flexibility and complete relaxation. Tricia mentioned that classes will be held Thursday’s at 10:00 am and Friday’s at 9:15 am. She will also be available for special appointments upon request. This brand new facility will be located at Preston Rd. and Main and is slotted for an opening within the next 6 months. This is the only facility that offers flying yoga. For more information on Altitude Aerial Arts & Fitness, visit their website: Who’s ready to fly?

Another fitness option is Burn Boot Camp Frisco. This is a women-focused fitness facility that Tricia and her husband Mark are franchise owners of. Burn Boot Camp Frisco is the first Burn Boot Camp in Texas. Using the philosophy of, “lifting each other up, not tear each other down”. Burn Boot Camp is a place for women to work on their fitness from the inside out. Women will meet with a trainer in focus meetings. 
These meetings will be a personalized visit to get to know each participant personally, as well as access items such as body diagnostics (weight, BMI’s) and nutrition goals. Women are asked to keep a food journal, which will then give the trainers a better understanding of what changes should be implemented to achieve the best fitness results. Tricia explained that mothers are seen as the nucleus of the family. If Mom is making good fitness choices, then this trickles down to her family and even into the entire community; a snowball effect. To learn more about Burn Boot Camp, contact them at

If higher intensity is more your speed in terms of fitness goals this year, Black Iron CrossFit Frisco is a great option. Still using a community-based workout option, CrossFit implements ever-changing exercise techniques for participants of all ages and athletic abilities. With only 18 participants per class, this allows each coach to help you master each technique that is taught. Once you master one technique, you can build on your intensity level. Each day is different when you come to a CrossFit class. Heidi, who owns and operates Black Iron CrossFit Frisco alongside her husband Jeff, mentioned, that of the seven years she has participated in CrossFit, she has yet to be bored from a workout. To sign up or obtain more information on Black Iron CrossFit Frisco contact them here:

If you want to really “knock” your workout out of the park and need a workout that doesn’t last as long, you can always come enjoy 9 Round Boxing in Frisco. 9 Round Boxing offers both boxing and kickboxing circuits to work on your fitness goals. Their programs consist of nine challenging workout stations developed by a World Champion Kickboxer. And for those in a rush, they only last a total of 30 minutes! Stations 1-2 are for strength; 3-8 are kickboxing and 9 is abs & core. To learn more visit:

And last, but certainly not least, another gym that will be opening in February, is Cowboys Fit. Cowboys Fit is a wildly anticipated club that will offer all of the benefits of a regular gym and then some! Here are just a few of the amenities that Cowboys Fit members will have exclusive access to:

  • Boutique-style classes: Yoga, Barre, HIIT & more
  • Indoor & Outdoor Ride Room
  • Health & Nutrition Bar
  • Former NFL Player & Cheerleader Training Staff
  • Recovery Lounge with Cryotherapy
  • Rooftop Heated Pool with H20 Bootcamps
  • Kids Club and Child Care

To find out more information on memberships, contact Cowboys Fit:

Whether you are just starting out with your fitness goals, or you are continuing on, Frisco Texas has a number of great fitness facility choices to help you achieve them! Let’s keep Frisco fit in 2017!